Termite Control Malaysia

Termite infestation is a serious problem that can damage what could be your largest investment, your home or business. Termites build colonies once they find your home a suitable area.

Do not let them eat your investment away by hiring a professional termite control in Malaysia.

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When You Need To Hire a Professional for Termite Control?

Termites are often unidentified until they have done considerable damage. Here are signs that tell you that your home might be infested by termites.

Damage caused by subterranean termites: Subterranean termites dwell in damp, loose soil. You will not see the damage they render inside your property until it is full blown. Their damage is similar to water damage. Their smell is also similar to mold or mildew. You will notice swollen floors and ceilings or buckling wood. When they access above ground, they create mud tunnels found near the foundation of the infested home.

Damage caused by drywood termites: Drywood termites attack sound wood and build colonies even with no connection to the ground. They can be dwelling inside furniture or walls and infestation may only become noticeable when the maze-like tunnels and veneer cracks they create become visible. When you notice this on your wall or furniture, contact a pest control expert. For a more detailed post on signs of termite, you can check it out here.

Process of Our Termite Control Services

Empire Pest Control has knowledge and experience in detecting all types of termites and get rid of them. We often carry out an integrated approach to control termite infestations.

Inspection: Our specialist will conduct a thorough assessment of the property by checking common risk areas including basement, foundation for wood and other crawl spaces for moisture. Once this has been completed, we will present our recommendation outlining the problems and plan of action.

Implementation: This is the implementation of the recommended action plan after your approval and scheduling. We usually perform liquid treatment first as an urgent protection from future infestation throughout the duration of the control plan. We then reach critical areas for extra coverage. Lastly, we perform baiting and monitoring of at risk areas.

Monitoring: After the treatment, we will monitor your home to keep it protected from termite activity.

Termite Control Malaysia

What’s the Price of Termite Control Services in Malaysia

Just to give you an idea, the average cost for an area of less than 1000 square feet is RM1100. Just add about RM100 more for every additional 1000 square feet. Please note these are just rough estimates. 

The pricing for termite control services in Malaysia varies based on the following factors.

Size of affected area: larger infested areas require more time, work and materials so they cost more.

Extent of infestation: like the size, the more an area is infested, it requires more workload.

Frequency of visit: heavy infestations may require multiple visits and monitoring.

We at Empire Pest Control will be happy to assist you for you to know how much to pay if you want to hire our pest control expert. Feel free to get in touch with us or check out our FAQs page.


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