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About Empire Pest Control: Learn About Our Company & Team

Empire Pest Control offers integrated pest management in Malaysia. We provide treatment and control of termites, ants, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches and rodents. We have been providing safe and effective solutions that protect homes and business for more than 10 years.

As one of the leading pest control company in Malaysia, we embrace innovative solutions, making us up to date with the latest techniques and technologies in order to bring you reliable services. Our team’s collective effort to work according to industry standards makes us a trusted pest controller in the country.

Our Advantage


We are serious about our business, and in order to be effective in what we do, we believe in having the right set of skills. Our team is comprised of experienced technicians yet we take the opportunity to train them. We make sure that they are knowledgeable in various pest treatments and pesticide handling.

Our company also invests in research for our job entails understanding of the biology and behavior of pests. This allows us to initiation a proactive approach that reduces the risks of pest infestation in the future. Our technicians undergo a wide scope of training that enables them to deploy proper treatment.


Empire Pest Control is dedicated in providing solutions for various pest infestations. Our goal is not just to eliminate active pests in your home or business, but also to keep your property protected in the future. We do this by keeping ourselves knowledgeable with how every pest behaves.

We determine what attracts them and how to keep them away. Our effective approach begins with proper pest identification that is why our team works hard to locate the nest or breeding ground of pests. Once they find out the type of pest, they recommend the right treatment plan. The correct treatment or method of elimination depends on the particular type of pest for they have different characteristics.


By teaming up with Empire Pest, you work with honest individuals who work with integrity. Trust is a very important virtue that we work hard to earn and maintain with our customers. This is why we believe in always practicing fairness.

We do not oversell our service or product, which means we only recommend and quote what is necessary. You can be sure that our team will not short-change you by not thoroughly locating pests and treating only the very visible ones.

Our Commitment

Empire Pest Control is your partner in keeping your home or business pest-free. Our services are helpful for both inside and outside of your property. When you entrust a job to us, we do our best to be prompt and professional. We will be there as scheduled, and we will work hard to plan the most effective approach to control and treat your pest problem.

Our company is committed to providing safe methods and using products that do not harm humans, animals and the environment. Trust us to do our best to help you solve and prevent pest infestation for clean, healthy and safe surroundings.