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Pest Control in Sentul

Don’t let pests bug you down. If you need pest control in Sentul, Empire Pest Control offers safe, reliable and effective services throughout Sentul, KL area.

We have a hardworking team trained professionally to provide a high level of care to our customers. Call us today if you need more information or a free quote.


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Types of Pest Problems We Can Fix

Various pests can invade your property. Empire Pest Control can eliminate them. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to execute proven-effective plans of action. Our solutions are based on the biology and behavior of the pest.


Rodents, rats or mice belong to one family and are very common pests who can cut wood, bite the skin of fruits and gnaw on a wide variety of foods. They often live with or near humans but they can carry different pathogens and transfer them to humans. Our team can provide a wide range of proofing and control for rodents after a thorough assessment.


Cockroaches are also very common household pests because they are attracted to food particles, moist places, and dim areas. They can easily grow in quantity for an egg case and can contain as much as 30 to 30 eggs. If you see these hanging off the back of a cockroach, it is best to get a pest control service so we can exterminate them all.


Fleas are such a nuisance especially if they have already infested your sofa or bed. They create irritating bites and they can harm your fur babies. They are highly visible so it is easy to know if your pets have them.  

Check the beddings of your pets or their furs. Notice regular scratching or itching. We can get rid of them at different stages of their lives, which could be difficult for you to do on your own.

Other Common Pest Problems

 We also offer extermination of other pests including termites, mosquitoes, and bed bugs. We have the tools, equipment, and more importantly, knowledge to control and eradicate these pests starting from their eggs to the queen of their territory.

Pest Control Sentul

Other Areas Near Sentul That We Serve

In Empire Pest Control, we have expanded our services other areas around Sentul as well. If you don’t see your location is the list below, feel free to give us a call. We can see how our team can help you.

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