At some point, you’ve probably run into tiny, worm-like creatures called termites. These little guys pack a punch when it comes to harming our well-being and the stuff we own. Termites have a big craving for wood, and that’s bad news for any home or building made of wood in Malaysia. But, don’t stress! You can call on the experts from a termite control service in Malaysia to kick these bugs out of your space. Curious about where these termites pop up from and how to keep them from taking over? You’ve hit the jackpot because we’ve got all the answers. Stick around to learn loads!

The Possibility: Can Termites Spread House to House? 

Perhaps your neighbor just found out that they’re having some termite problems, and you’re worried that your house might get infected too. If they have decided to get treated for termites, then it’s best that you consider getting checked as well. Depending on the kind of termite, there’s a huge possibility that they can move and spread from house to house. There are various reasons why termites can reach your house, and here are the main things you must know:

  • If a termite colony has settled in your neighbor’s house, such as the basement, there is a huge possibility that these little critters have made its way to your home too.
  • If your neighbor gets treated for a termite infestation, the surviving ones will find a new and different place to settle. If your home is made out of wood, they’ll probably consider building a new nesting in it.

In order to catch termites before they can cause serious problems, it’s good that you have your area checked by a pest control company right away. The professionals will be able to detect if there are any signs of pest infestation taking place without any difficulties.

How Do You Stop Termites?  How Do You Stop Termites? 

The moment you find out that one of your neighbors is dealing with a bad case of termites infestation, it’s an excellent choice to act right away and perform preventive measures that will lessen the chance of those termites moving into your home in Malaysia. Termites are not hard to prevent, and sometimes it’s as quick as just removing unused wood in your property. Conducting preventive measures will surely help you avoid paying a lot of money for pest control. If you want to stop a possible termite attack, then be sure to perform the following tips:

  • Don’t let any wood touch the soil since termites love to stay in the ground, which might lead to them entering your home. Be sure to continually check those parts of your house where wood touched the ground, and if you can apply some termite solutions in that specific area, the better.
  • Utilize borate in your wood because this is the best termite repellant. You can apply a fair amount of it before painting or priming your wooden furniture and other items made out of the material.
  • Remove any deadwood that’s on your property. Deadwood is among a termite’s favorite thing to devour since it’s easier to chew on, and it quickly gets moisture.
  • If termites have already infected your area, then you must act fast and place those infested items in an area that will get hit by the sun for three consecutive days. The sun’s heat will dry up and kill those termites, stopping the infestation right away.


It can be scary to know that your neighbor is experiencing a termite infestation, but it’s not a reason for you to panic! By taking note of the information we have given you, you’re sure to spot and stop any termites from destroying your property easily.