Bugs and critters don’t just start ruining your stuff out of the blue. They drop little hints around your house before things get totally out of hand with infestations.

But you might not know those signs of pests.

Or how else would you know that the recent sweet and musty smell you’ve grown fond of is that of a bedbug?

Aside from smells, there are other insignificant signs that you often discard. Luckily, you can put a stop to that now.

So, would you like to be in control? Would you prefer to nip infestations at their buds?


Then, this article contains the signs you should know. With this guide, you’d fish out pests early and spend less on home repairs and exterminators.

That said, let’s get into the details already.

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5 Signs Of Pest Infestations You Should Look Out For During Inspections

The Pests Themselves

Pests such as rodents are visible enough. You would see them running day and night. Even if it’s just one you saw, you should know that such a figure could quadruple in a few weeks.

In another case, you might not see the active pests but the dead ones or their body parts. They might hang around your windows or dark corners. That’s also a sign.

Nest And Droppings

In case you didn’t see a live or dead pest but found a nest, you should know the inhabitants of such are around. To confirm your suspicions, you should search the nest even further.

The chances are that you’ll find droppings. If you did, inspect it further to confirm what pest likely lives there.

If you’re lucky enough, you will even find an egg or a baby pet in the nest.

Tip: Search for nests in dark corners behind your shelves. Look particularly in your kitchens, storerooms, and libraries.

Aberrations To Your Walls

When you can’t find active pests, their nests or dropping, look at your walls. Did you find any strange markings? How about a greasy stain?

Markings and stains are pest signs which they leave unknowingly. You can call it their footprints!

If markings are insignificant, how about holes?  Rodents, for example, are excellent hole diggers. They would create passageways through your walls for themselves.

Check Your Wardrobe

After your wall, the next place to check is your fabric store. Pests love such dark areas.

Besides, your items of clothing are perfect ground to spawn. They serve as soft layers to lay eggs. More importantly, they are equally food for these pests. To further confirm your suspicions, you should check your fabrics for holes.

So, what if there are no visual signs?

Listen With Intent

If you listen well enough, you’ll hear strange sounds, especially at night. Such might include screeches, squeaks, scratches, or even whines.

Here, your flooring material could also help. Carpets, for example, make noise at the slightest movement. The sound would even be louder when the pests are perhaps struggling for food.

Other than your floorings, another commonplace you’d observe the sounds often are from your roof. That’s where most of these pests live.

Note: when you find pests, it’s best that you learn how to deal with these pest problems with care. It would be excellent if you could even consult a pest control expert. Here’s a post on what to do before and after pest control.