Tiny but mighty, termites can turn your home into their feast, munching away the very foundations that keep it standing. Let’s not even talk about what these critters can do to your favorite couch or the family heirloom table. But wait, it gets worse! These little destroyers don’t just stop at wood; they’re up to no good, leaving their mark in the form of droppings that could ruin your meals. Now, imagine the horror of spending buckets of money, more specifically thousands of dollars, just to fix what these sneaky bugs messed up. That’s why folks are dialing up the heroes at Empire Pest Control Malaysia to save the day. If keeping your home safe and sound is your top priority, you’ll want to stick around to learn all the tricks to beat the termite treat.

While it’s not a pleasant thought, termites can be an issue, and they often thrive in places that they find ideal. If you don’t want to find a termite problem the hard way, it’s good to know what conditions help them thrive and eliminate them when the time comes fully. Read on to know more! 

1. Termites Love Moisture 

Surprisingly, termites still need moisture to thrive, just like other pests. However, what makes them different is that they cannot retain water for so long. Although termites can eat wood, they cannot digest it without water. They need to carry water to the mouth of the tunnels they make to digest the wood and get food that they can eat. Without a constant source of moisture, termites can dry out and die. 

If you think that your home is safe from these pests, then think again. Your house can be a source of moisture without you even realizing it since leaks from pipes can be present in your crawl space. 

2. Termite Infestation Increases Through Time 

Termites can do severe damage over time. However, they become even more destructive when their colony grows. A termite queen and king can reproduce up to 2 million termites, and if this happens, then you’re in for a lot of trouble. 

To stop termites from causing more destruction to your home, invest in a good proper termite and pest control service provider before they get a chance to reproduce at this rate. The quicker you can detect and treat termites, the lesser damage you are most likely to have.

The more knowledge you have, the more power you have. You can take measures yourself to protect your home against termites.

2. Termite Infestation Develop in Warmth 

There’s a reason why Malaysia has so many termites: it’s hot, and termites like it warm. These pests tend to slow down when the weather is cold, which doesn’t usually last long in Malaysia. As a result, they can get a boost in working quickly and cause even more widespread damages.

There isn’t much you can do with this problem unless you’re willing to gather your things and move. However, controlling your home’s temperature and using the best insulation will help you protect your house. Combine pest control services and adjust other factors that you can control if you want to stop termites from thriving.

3. Termites love organic matter

A termite’s diet consists of cellulose, which is a carbohydrate that makes up the structural material of plants and some organic matter. In the wild, termites get their cellulose from the wood and other organic matter they consume. If you happen to have untreated soil and dead leaves lying around, you’re most likely to attract termites. They love to thrive in places that have organic matter since this can serve as a food source for them and protect them from humans and animals when they’re moving on the ground. 

You can’t change the fact that your house has wood. But you can get rid of any organic materials on your property, such as piles of firewood, tree branches, scrap wood and large shrubs. 


Termites can thrive in many kinds of conditions, which is why you must take preventative measures before they can cause massive destruction to your property. The next time you suspect you’re having termite problems, be sure to re-check this guide!