Termite Control in Kuala Lumpur (KL)

When you see signs of termite infestation in your home, it should be a major cause of concern for it could lead to costly damage. These soil-dwelling insects feed on wood, but they can also damage your books, documents, and even filtration systems.

It is best to leave termite treatment to professionals because it requires special skills. If you need termite control in Kuala Lumpur, Empire Pest Control offers a safe and effective approach. Call us today for a free quote.


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How Can We Help Solve your Termite Problem in Kuala Lumpur

As an expert in pest control service provider in KL, we can help you with two important things, prevention and extermination. We can help eliminate these insects and keep your property protected by making sure your surroundings are unwelcoming for these creatures. For the treatment, we use two types of approach, which are explained below. Depending on the situation, we use only one  or both the treatments in a property.

Termite Control Kuala Lumpur

Bait Approach

The bait approach involves feeding termites with substances that are lethal to them. These are placed below the ground out in the yard in cylinder plastic stations or indoors over active mud tubes. Termites eat the bait and share them with nest mates, leading to decline in their numbers. 

Liquid Treatment

The liquid treatment makes use of liquid termiticides, which have been around for decades. The purpose is to have a lasting barrier to prevent them from entering and infesting structures. Even if they are already in the building, they also die because they cannot return to the soil for moisture. We use reliable products that do not just repel termites but kill them. 

Thorough Inspection

Before we do the treatment properly, we perform a thorough inspection of the area. This is to know the extent of damage and find out where they are nesting. This is necessary to plan where to install the baits and termiticides. Rest assured that whatever the approach, we use only products that are tested to not pose significant risks to humans, pets, and the environment. Most of our products even have no lingering odor.

Other Services That We Offer

In Empire Pest Control, we also other services to help you to get rid of all types of pest problems.

This includes:

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