If you own a house in Malaysia, running into bugs and critters can really make your skin crawl. Fighting off rats, roaches, and ants is super annoying, yet it’s termites that bring the real horror show. These tiny, creepy crawlies chew through your place, racking up damage costs in the millions. **Keeping termites away** from your cozy nest is a must.

Since termites love to eat any type of wood, you’re in bad luck if your structure is made out of it. Your best choice is to call a professional termite exterminator to deal with the problem if this does happen. But what exactly do these seemingly harmless little termites do? To know more, read on below!

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Termites Damage the Structural Wood of Your Home 

Certain types of termites, such as the subterranean, need to be in places where moisture is present in order for them to survive. These termites typically stay on soils rich in moisture and even create their colonies in this kind of soil.

As a result, your termite problem will generally begin with the foundational wood of your home. They’ll attack areas such as the core walls and the crawl space. Any damage inflicted to these places can be costly because it is hard to repair and will impact other areas in your house.

Termites Damage Wood Frames in Your Windows and Doors 

Termites are quite sneaky and will often take you by surprise. They can thrive even in the places where you least expect them to be. If you happen to have windows in your attic, it can become a nest for termites to thrive in, especially if you have wood as a window frame.

These little rascals love to stay in places where there is little to no human behavior, and if it’s been a long time since you’ve visited your attic, it’s time that you should! Before you know it, they could be eating away your window frame, and that also goes the same for your wooden doors.

When the need arises, you can pour a fair amount of borax into your windows and door frame to naturally repel termites.

Termites Destroy Wood in Your Interior

These pests that start thriving at the bottom part of your house (such as the basement) can eventually make their way above and damage your walls in the process if you leave them untreated. Some termites will even eat out your furniture like cabinets, closets and tables or anything that’s made out of wood. For more information, you can read this post on where termites live inside homes in Malaysia.

If you notice your furniture being chipped out, then you may have a case of dry wood termites. These kinds of termites don’t need moisture, unlike subterranean termites, so that they can survive just staying in your walls.

Termites Can Destroy Your Flooring 

It’s common to have floors that are made out of wood. Not only is it a cheap material that’s good for construction, but it is also durable and could even last you for many years. However, just because it is strong doesn’t mean termites can’t infiltrate your floors. These little rascals will devour anything that’s made out of wood, and your floors aren’t excluded.

Those termites that consume your floor are most likely coming from your basement. That is why it is vital that you conduct a general inspection every now and then. You certainly wouldn’t want to come home and find a big hole on your home grounds just because of these annoying little termites.


Regardless of the species (whether it’s dry wood or subterranean termites), they can certainly destroy your home and cause you much-unneeded stress. If you don’t want any of these things happening, then you should contact the professionals right away if you ever suspect termites are lurking within your premises.