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Types of Termites in Malaysia

Types Of Termites in Malaysia

Termite infestation is a serious matter for these insects can cause structural damage as they feed on wood. Empire Pest Control offers professional termite control in Malaysia if these pests bother you. We have an understanding of the different types of termite that thrive in the country, which is important in order to execute an effective treatment plan. Check out which type of termites have infested your home or business premises.

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Subterranean Termites

As the name implies, subterranean termites live beneath soils and around homes. They often penetrate homes and buildings through wood that touches the soil or by building tunnel-like mud tubes from the ground to the wood.

They cause the most damage in the major group of termites. They feed on wood 24/7 with their saw-toothed jaws that are able to bite small wood fragments.

Over time, they can critically damage a neglected structure to the point of collapse. They are about 1/8-inch long, creamy white to dark brown in color, have 6 legs and long, narrow shape. Subterranean termites are divided mainly into workers, soldiers and reproductives.

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites live in undecayed wood or any cellulose-based materials with low moisture content. They do not need contact with soil to thrive. Since they go directly to wood, they can seriously damage wooden furniture and structure.

They also invade floors and books. They are more difficult to detect and are not noticeable until you see small pellets of their feces.  Drywood termite swarmers often occur after rains. Winged adults are about half inch long and dark brown in color.

Dampwood Termites

This group of termites, as their name suggests, thrive on damp wood. They are bigger than subterranean termites and can grow up to 25mm long but soldiers are about 20mm long. They have large heads with pincers or mandibles in front. They also infest homes and you can come in contact with them through wood that is directly on the ground.

They can weaken structures by hallowing support beams. They do not build mud tubes that are why they remain hidden and difficult to detect. They cover up their entry holes using their own feces. Oftentimes, the wood they infest has very high moisture content that also indicates wood decay. Plumbing problems, leaks in roof and rainwater damage can contribute to dampwood termite infestation.


It is important to remember the ways you can reduce termite infestation in your home so that there is a little chance they go back after a treatment control.

One easy way is to keep an eye out for leaking pipes, dripping taps or other things that can increase moisture. When building your home, it helps if the slab edges are exposed and with at least 75mm space between them and the mulch or ground.

This makes it more difficult for them to access your home. No matter what type of termite you have, you need to get rid of it fast in order to prevent serious damage. Empire Pest Control is your partner in removing them effectively.