In the realm of common household pests, termites sit at the top as some of the biggest troublemakers. With a hunger for chewing through homes, their destruction often flies under the radar until the damage hits hard. Tackling a termite invasion turns out to be a major headache.

That is why the best solution to termite removal is hiring a Selangor’s pest control specialist. Even at that, there are things you should do and not do to achieve lasting results.

Fortunately, this article contains a list of such “things.” Have a look:

Do’s When Managing Termite Infestations

Ditch Woodworks

As much as you might love wooden items, you should stop acquiring them during termite removal. That is because these pests find timber chewy.

If termites could choose their favorite food, wood would be one of the top five.

Another thing is that when you acquire woodworks, you give termite new areas to invade and expand.

In other words, you would prolong your pest management. That also means you will spend more.

So, instead of wood, find substitutes. At least, until your pest control company work is over.

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Stay Away When Pest Treatment Is Ongoing

Pest Treatment

Indeed, you might want to supervise what your hire is doing. But don’t. Instead, wait till when the work is complete.

The reason for the wait is because the treatment chemicals are dangerous to your health. Even professional termite removers wear kits to protect themselves.

Protection aside, coming around when treatment is ongoing is a distraction. You will distract the experts from their work.

Unfortunately, such could lead to effective termite control. So, let your experts do their job.

Always Be On The Lookout Of Pests

Don’t relent on routine maintenance even after termite treatment. The chances are that the pests would be back.

So instead of relaxing, you should always check your house. Look for signs of termite infestation. Here are some of the signals you should note:

  • Buckling wood
  • Mazes around your furniture & walls
  • Swollen ceilings & floorings

Even when you can’t find termite activities in your home, don’t relent on your preventive schedules. Here’s a post on how to deal with pest problems.

Don’ts When Managing Termite Infestations

DIY Termite Control

DIY Termite Control

You have probably read different DIY pest control online. But don’t follow those approaches.

For starters, do you know not all pesticides kill termite? Only termiticides do – and even those will have to be from trusted brands!

Also, when you use the wrong chemical, you put your health at risk in vain. Worse: your DIY maneuvers could worsen your termite infestation rather than reduce it.

Pets Playing With Termite Baits

Termite removal companies often use baits to rid your house of the pest. These lures could be food or even wood mulch.

When that happens, don’t let your pets play with those baits. The chances are that the company had already added unfriendly chemicals. Such could be dangerous for your pets.

Waiting At The Dearth Before Calling For Help Of a Professional Pest Control Company

You don’t want to be complacent with termite. The reason is that the more time you waste time, the more the infestation will spread.

Do you know the worse part?

Termites can infest almost anything in your home. So, don’t let them.

Report to a professional termite exterminator the instance you sight signs of the pest activities. When you do that, you will get a headstart to have a termite-free home.