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Signs Of Bed Bugs Malaysia

Signs Of Bed Bugs Malaysia

Bed bugs infestation is an annoying problem. Before calling a professional bed bugs control in Malaysia, there are signs that tell you they exist in your home.

It is helpful to know how to check their existence in your home or business so that you can be sure of the next step to take. However, they can be difficult to find because of their complex life stages.

They have various life stages and are mostly active at night. That means it may be more challenging to spot them during the day.

To check for them, start from the high-risk areas such as your headboard, bedside table, cling or wall junctions, loose wallpaper, and mattress seams.

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Bed bug shells

Bed bugs gather near their host since they are parasites that suck human blood for food. They are smart enough to hide but they leave evidence of their activities.

Look out for empty shells where they aggregate and feed each time they feed and suck blood, they grow.

On their way to maturity, they undergo molting wherein they shed their shells or exoskeletons to make space to grow bigger.

They go through this process in all five stages of their life. For large infestations, they will leave hundreds or thousands of molted skins.

Fecal spots

Another sign of bed bugs is liquid waste and fecal spots. This resembles stains or smears that are colored black or dark brown.

Check your mattresses, walls, or upholstery for fecal spots. If these are fresh droppings, you can even be able to smear blood if you poke it.

Bed bug bites

The first sign that might lead you to suspect there are bed bugs in your home is their bite. However, their bite can look like bites from mosquitoes or rashes or even hives.

Their bites are commonly red welts that raise, with burning and itching sensation. The rash is across a localized area and sometimes there are multiple bites in a straight line.

They prefer biting exposed skin such as your legs, arms, shoulders, or even your neck and face.

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Live bugs

To be sure they are bed bugs; you have to know what they look like. They have six legs, two antennae, and have creases on their abdomen.

They are 1mm to 4.5mm in size and have creases on their abdomen. Their skin is see-through so you can see the coated interior or blood inside. Young ones are pale then mature into rusty brown.

It is not very common to have a bed bug infestation. It is likely that you get it from someone else such as when you travel or you got used clothes or beddings from others who had an infestation.

This is why it helps to be cautious each time you travel or from borrowing or buying someone else’s old belongings.

Bed bugs are tricky. Not only are they smart in hiding, but they can survive harsh treatments. It is best to seek help from professionals right away so you can prevent them from Reproducing. This makes the treatment harder.