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How To Prevent Bed Bugs

How To Prevent Bed Bugs

Check bed sheets in hotels

It is common to carry bed bugs from your travel through hotel rooms. It might not be convenient but it is worth inspecting the bed when you get inside the room of your hotel accommodation or vacation rental.

Pull back the sheets; check the corners of the mattress and the headboard. Look out for signs of bed bugs such as tiny blood spots that could be red or dark brown.

Lift the mattress and check underneath using a flashlight. Report it to the hotel management if you spot any signs.

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Protect your own bed

There are products you can buy to protect your mattresses such as encasements and bed bug interceptors.

Encasements are bedbug-proof and even if they will not guarantee you will not stop these critters from getting inside your home, they can make it easier to eliminate them.

Cover your mattress and box spring with encasements and they will be trapped into starvation.

Bed bug interceptors on the other hand are special cups or platforms you put under the foot of your bed frame, preventing them from climbing up onto the bed.

Be careful when using second-hand furniture

Think twice about buying a second-hand sofa or bed. Used mattresses have a big chance of carrying bed bugs with them.

It is important to inspect them for any signs of infestation. Treat them with insecticide sprays or clean them before use.

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Protect your suitcase

Bed bugs love to hitch so it is important to guard your suitcase during or after a trip.

You can consider wrapping it in a plastic bag when you arrive at your accommodation to prevent potential infestation.

When you arrive home, throw the bag and vacuum your suitcases.

Be careful with your clothes

Since bed bugs may enter your home through your clothes, it is a good practice to bring a plastic bag for your used clothes and seal it each time you drop your clothes in it.

A study says that bed bugs are more attracted to dirty clothes. Wash all your clothes after a vacation, even those you have not worn.

Use hot water to kill all bed bugs, if there are any.

Practice cleanliness

Pests, including bed bugs, love dirt. Clutter is a good hiding place for these critters.

Pay close attention to high-risk areas such as your storage room with many types of cardboard.

Inspect your pet’s bed

Bed bugs can also feed on pets. It is also a good practice to wash your pet’s bed regularly on high heat. Bed bugs attracted to fur, clothing, and bedding.

It is easier to observe proper prevention rather than perform bed bug treatment. These are good measures to lower the risk of contact with bed bugs.

However, you can only do so much. If your home was previously occupied, you also run the risk of infestation.

If it is too much to handle, there is always a professional bed bug control you can rely on. In that case, call us and we will be glad to help.