Termite Control Selangor

Do not let termites destroy your home. At Empire Pest Control, our goal is to protect your property from any costly damage of termites and other pests.

We will inspect, eliminate and prevent termites from infesting your home.

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How Can We Help To Solve Your Termite Problem in Selangor

Termite Control Selangor

Bait system: Bait system is a common method to control termites without spraying harsh chemicals. It uses cellulose and a slow acting insecticide that disrupts their growth. The delayed process of ingesting is important so that other termites will not avoid the area and enhances transmission of the lethal component to the other termites that do not feed on the bait. This method is effective in eliminating colonies. The baits are normally installed around the building’s perimeter and below ground.

Chemical barrier treatment: this method makes use of a liquid pesticide called termiticide under the building. The process creates a chemical barrier in the soil to keep termites from entering the structure. Our barrier treatment is less intrusive.

Reticulation system: this is another type of barrier system that uses pipe at the bottom of the trench. Similar to an irrigation pipe, it can take high-pressure termiticide and disperse it evenly through tiny holes. The trench is refilled and drenched as needed through refill points found every 10 or 12 meters where the pump is plugged.

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The methods of treatment mentioned are just some of the few types of treatment we do. The first step in solving termite problems in homes and buildings is thorough inspection to assess the extent of infestation you have. After that, our team will recommend the best treatment option depending on the situation.

We will discuss this to you for your understanding and approval, then we will schedule another visit for the actual treatment. If time permits, we can also do it the same day during the first visit. Rest assured that no matter the size of your property or extent of infestation, we could provide excellent treatment services.

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We not only offer termite control, we can also provide all types of pest control services in Selangor to help you to get rid of other types of pest problems:

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