Severe Pest Problems in Kuala Lumpur’s Home

Severe Pest Problems in Kuala Lumpur Home

Ms. Adelina has always had a problem with pests in her Kuala Lumpur home. She’d frequently get visits from rats, cockroaches, and spiders that would often stay in her kitchen and attic. Ms. Adelina has used all the tricks and tips found on the internet that claimed to have eradicated these pests, but it was to no avail. Rats would often keep her up at night with all the scratching, and she would sometimes find her furniture being gnawed on. When she finally decided to seek help from the professionals, she got a recommendation from a friend to contact the team from Empire Pest Control, and when she did, the results were just excellent.

Empire Pest Control has been serving Ms. Adelina for almost 10 years. Throughout the time, whatever pest may find their way in her home, it doesn’t even for 3 days because our pest control technicians based in Kuala Lumpur quickly comes to her rescue. She loves the quality service Empire Pest Control always shows and how everyone in the company devotes their time, energy, and effort to their clients. Ms. Adelina highly recommends Empire Pest Control to all her friends and family.

Customer Background

Ms. Adelina lives near an area where there are a lot of trees and plants around. Because of this, it enhanced her risk of acquiring pests who are always looking for shelter and a food source. She has tried many DIY pest treatments, but none has solved her problem. Ms. Adelina was also hesitant to seek help from a pest control service provider in Kuala Lumpur since she was afraid of the adverse effects their chemical might bring.

However, when she tried Empire Pest Control, she hasn’t gone anywhere else since. She finally found a pest company whom she can trust and rely on for whatever bug, animal, or insect issue may arise.

Original Pest Challenges in Kuala Lumpur

Whether it’s rats, termites, bed bugs, spiders, or whatever bug or insect it may be, Ms. Adelina seriously dreads pests. She would feel like fainting every time a flying cockroach would come to her home, and she would have to deal with it on her own since she lives alone.

Rats would also inflict damage to her furniture since she often finds gnaw and bite marks on it. Ms. Adelina bought a lot of DIY treatments in the nearest store in Kuala Lumpur, but none worked for her. Pests were always her constant problem before hiring Empire Pest Control, and she didn’t even want to have friends and family come over because of this.

Solution For The Pest Problems

Even if Ms. Adelina’s area were prone to all sorts of pests, she never had to deal with them again after getting some help from Empire Pest Control. The company ensured that all possible entry points to her home were sealed, they utilized the best bait traps to lure out rats, exterminators used safe chemicals to kill all cockroaches, and correctly gave Ms.Adelina’s advice to ensure that no creature would be coming back.

After the treatment, she has never had to deal with severe pests infestations ever since. From time to time, she may find a rat or a cockroach, but it wasn’t the same as before when she would see a swarm of them. Because of Empire Pest Control’s solutions, all her pest issues were finally addressed.


Ms. Adelina said she highly appreciates what Empire Pest Control has done for her. Up to this very day, she’s still a loyal customer to the company.

“No other pest service provider has surpassed my expectations like Empire Pest Control did. They assured me that all their methods were safe, and they always stayed true to their word” She said, “I still get calls from Empire Pest Control every now and then since they always check in with their customers to ensure no one is having a pest reoccurrence.

You don’t always get that kind of dedication from any other company, so I’m really lucky to have stumbled upon Empire Pest Control.”

Results and The Benefits Achieved

Ever since Ms. Adelina tried Empire Pest Control, all her pest problems went away. She is constantly protected by the company’s quality of service and care. “All their staff are polite and accommodating, when treatment is scheduled Empire Pest Control’s exterminators arrive on time and when they leave, they always make sure that I am satisfied with the work and that their job has been done properly and efficiently.” She said.

Her home has now been pest-proof, and she has acquired the needed knowledge to deal with whatever pest may find their way into her residence. Ms.Adelina said she can’t recommend any pest control service provider as outstanding as Empire Pest Control.