How We Save a Kuala Lumpur Business from a Rodent Invasion

Our team of professional pest control specialists in Kuala Lumpur has been helping businesses and residential customers deal with all kinds of pests, including but not limited to rodents and insects.

Recently, we had the opportunity to help a business who had suffered from a rodent infestation.

In this case study, we will share the story of how our team helped this business get rid of their rodent problem. We will discuss how we identified the source of the problem, what methods we used, and why our approach worked so well. Finally, we will also explore some other options that businesses can consider when faced with an infestation. By understanding how we were successful in resolving this issue for one business, other establishments will be better prepared to tackle similar situations.

The Problem

Empire Pest Control was approached by a business in Kuala Lumpur to deal with a severe rodent infestation. The problem was that the business was swarming with rats, mice and other rodents, and the customers were staying away in droves. The business was on the brink of collapse, and something had to be done quickly.

Let’s take a look at how Empire Pest Control dealt with the issue and saved a business in peril.

Rodent Invasion

The business in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was in a state of panic. An extensive outbreak of rodents had invaded their building and were wreaking havoc. Not only were they tearing apart various areas of the building but they had spread to every floor. Their presence caused serious damage to the property and posed a health risk to everyone in it. The company knew that if they didn’t act quickly, their business was at serious risk of failing due to the infestation.

The presence of rodents caused multiple problems for the business:

  • Damage caused by gnawing on wires, furniture, and other property
  • Unsightly droppings throughout the premises
  • Pungent odors that were difficult to remove
  • The possibility of disease caused by fleas, lice, or mites carried by mice and rats

The company was up against a ticking clock. They needed an effective solution before further damage or contamination from rodent feces became overwhelming.

Health and Safety Risk

Health and safety risks in the workplace can take many forms. This can include biological, chemical, physical and ergonomic hazards, as well as psychosocial factors such as stress. These risks can cause not only medical conditions but also financial losses due to reduced productivity and increased employee absenteeism. Employers have a duty to provide a safe work environment for their employees by implementing effective health and safety policies and practices.

It is important to consider the types of health and safety risks that may be present in the workplace in order to identify potential areas of concern:

  • Biological hazards include microbes, fungi, parasites, viruses or bacteria that are hazardous to workers’ health.
  • Chemical hazards refer to toxic substances produced by a range of processes including manufacturing or construction activities.
  • Physical hazards such as extreme temperatures or loud noises can cause injury or illness if they are not properly managed.
  • Ergonomic hazards refer to the design and layout of the workspace which may create an unsafe working environment if it causes long-term fatigue or discomfort among workers.
  • Psychosocial hazards involve aspects such as workloads, social relations between employees or working from home which may affect morale and provoke stress amongst workers if not managed appropriately.

It is important for organizations to assess all relevant risk factors in their workplace in order to prevent accidents or ill health from occurring amongst their employees before it is too late – by putting effective policies in place that are tailored for their organization size, objectives and work culture organizations can reduce the likelihood of costly accidents happening again in future.

Financial Loss

The financial loss stemming from a rodent invasion is substantial. Rodents can destroy merchandise, contaminate inventory and products, create fires and other electrical hazards, and spread disease. In addition to the direct cost of loss or damage due to the rodents, businesses may also experience indirect costs such as reduced productivity due to employee illness and time lost dealing with the infestation.

Empire Pest Control has helped many businesses throughout Kuala Lumpur preserve their financial losses by effectively controlling the rodent population in their establishments. According to surveys conducted by Empire Pest Control after successful treatments at corporations in Kuala Lumpur, there was an average 80% reduction of financial losses caused by rodents within 3 months of treatment. Based on our successes with previous clients, we estimate that treatments completed today will pay for themselves tenfold in as short as two years!

Empire Pest Control’s Solution

When the owner of a business in Kuala Lumpur approached Empire Pest Control with a severe rodent infestation, our team of experts was up for the challenge. We quickly identified the source of the issue and proposed a comprehensive solution that would ensure the problem was resolved for good.

Let’s take a look at what Empire Pest Control’s solution for this rodent infestation entailed:

Inspection and Assessment

Before Empire Pest Control could provide a solution to the customer’s problem, its professionals first conducted a rigorous inspection and assessment of the premises. This enabled them to determine the best course of action for eradicating the rodent infestation.

The pest control technicians searched for entry points created by physical damage or gaps in walls, flooring or windows, from which rodents may gain access. They also identified any potential areas that could be treated preventatively to reduce the risk of further invasions. Empire Pest Control applied efficient methods to seal off any entry points they found.

To further prevent new infestations, Empire Pest Control carried out an in-depth investigation into possible food sources that may attract rodents. Suggestions were made regarding how these can be managed appropriately; this included directing the client on suitable hygiene practices and stocking levels for food products within the premises.

The technicians also recommended steps to reduce clutter within the building to make it less attractive as a nesting habitat for rodents, such as:

  • Removing items like cardboard boxes from storage areas.
  • Filling holes in walls and other structures that can be used as hiding places by invading animals.

Rodent Extermination

Empire Pest Control was called upon to intervene in a situation that saw a Kuala Lumpur business under siege from a serious rodent infestation. Rodents, including rats and mice, had infiltrated warehouse and storage areas, leaving droppings and causing considerable damage. Initially, the business attempted to tackle the problem itself by making use of bait boxes without success. The team at Empire Pest Control arrived on site with a comprehensive strategy for the extermination of the rodents in question.

The experienced technicians developed an individual action plan tailored to the exact needs of each area and went about implementing it to great effect. The treatment, which contained various chemical-based pest control methods as well as an integration of non-chemical approaches, included tracking down possible entry points such as roofing vents or open drains and reinforcing these with durable scrim materials to prevent further rodent invasions.

Our technicians then engaged in periodic inspections around areas likely to be inhabited by rodents such as food storage spaces or behind pantries. To locate any existing rodents or their nests, our team used traditional traps while also introducing chemical baits into affected areas where deemed necessary by experts onsite. Drone cameras were employed alongside standard checks throughout these periods for added efficiency.

The end result was ultimately successful – our team worked closely with premises managers to ensure that all relevant Health & Safety regulations were met at all times before completely clearing out any remaining pests from the property’s perimeter using both optical devices and targeted treatments of rodenticides safely applied during night time hours when no person was present in any area where potential poison incidents could have occurred prior evacuation of premises by trained staff members in compliance with code regulations effectively ending what could have been a major crisis affecting productivity immensely had Empire Pest Control not intervened when we did without fail – putting an end to Rodent invasion within contracted period as per agreement signed between client in question and Empire Pest Control ensuring repeat business within this sector following very positive feedback made public via various media channels.

Follow-up Visits

At Empire Pest Control, we understand the importance of follow-up visits after taking control measures against an infestation. We conducted three follow-up visits at the business premises in Kuala Lumpur, to ensure no rodent activity had started again.

During these visits, our team thoroughly examined the premises for any evidence of rodents and checked for any new points of entry for them. Any potential weak points in the buildings were identified and strengthened during our follow-up visits and appropriate preventative measures were put in place to stop further rodent invasions. We also verified that all baiting activities were still working as expected and ensured that our clients saw a reduction in their pest problem each time we visited. We tracked our progress during regular maintenance visits by verifying the effectiveness of each action taken, examining activity logs and providing comprehensive reports to clients that showed details on how the situation advanced since our last visit.

We ensured that all areas including walls, ceilings, floors, passageways, doors and windows were inspected for evidence of infestation or any other signs which indicated increased risk of infestations such as unusual noise or smell or gnaw marks. Any openings used by rodents to gain access from outdoors into interior spaces were blocked off and repaired. These included cracks in walls or floors, damaged roofs around chimneys or vents may be sealed off with gaskets suitably designed to keep rodents out while enabling normal ventilation inside buildings.

Furthermore, we replace any damaged air ducts/pipes throughout roof spaces so they are impossible for small pests like mice to squeeze into.


When we were first brought onto the job, the owners of the business had been dealing with an infestation of rats in the warehouse for months. After taking the necessary steps to identify and then implement a comprehensive pest control plan, the results were immediate. Within a week, we had successfully eliminated the rat population, allowing the warehouse to resume business as usual.

This case study will discuss in more detail the results of our efforts:

Health and Safety Risk Eliminated

The health and safety risk posed by the rodent invasion was eliminated as part of the process. Sanitation was improved and the hazardous droppings, pathogens, and parasites were removed. The risk of diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonellosis, Lyme disease, rat-bite fever, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) was greatly reduced.

The infestation also posed a heightened fire hazard risk due to the accumulation of food waste material which served as a potential fuel source for an accidental or even an arson fire. This was addressed conclusively via the customer protection program implemented by Empire Pest Control in order to secure the safety of patrons and staff on team premises from various unforeseeable threats.

Financial Loss Reduced

Empire Pest Control was faced with the task of ridding a popular restaurant in Kuala Lumpur of a large number of rodents. The rodents had caused a significant amount of damage to the eatery and had placed the business in jeopardy both reputationally and financially.

However, following our deep inspection, identification and removal process, we were able to successfully reduce the overall financial losses associated with the rodent invasion. By utilizing specialized methods for trapping, releasing and relocation, not only were we able to save this business from an imminent closure but also save them thousands of Ringgit in unnecessary damage costs.

Furthermore, Empire Pest Control was able to alleviate any potential health hazards associated with an active rodent population by using powerful baits designed specifically for extermination purposes while still adhering strictly to local health regulations and guidelines. Our team’s comprehensive approach is designed to ensure complete safety while solving any pest-related issues at their source.

Positive Feedback from Client

The client whose business was in danger due to a rodent infestation expressed satisfaction with the services provided by Empire Pest Control. He praised the work done and recommended Empire Pest Control to other businesses who are looking for professional pest control services. He said,

“I was really impressed with the way Empire Pest Control handled our rodent problem. Their team was highly organized, efficient, and communicated effectively with us at every step of the process. I’m thankful for their help in getting rid of the rats so quickly and preventing further damage to our building.”

The client went on to say,

“I would have never thought that we would have such great service providers in Kuala Lumpur, but Empire Pest Control completely reassured me that all was going to be ok! They not only routed out some of our toughest pests from hard-to-reach areas but also gave us tips on how we could prevent similar occurrences in the future. Their after-service call revealed that all signs of vermin had been eliminated without leaving any side-effects.”

Thanks to this positive feedback from the client and other satisfied customers, Empire Pest Control is growing as a preferred service provider in Kuala Lumpur.


The effectiveness of our team’s integrated approach to pest management and the close cooperation with the client allowed us to successfully eradicate the rodent problem. The successful analysis of the situation and a timely response based on evidence-based pest management has saved our client’s business from extensive property damage and health risks associated with a rodent infestation.

By continuing our work, we are helping to maintain the reputation of Kuala Lumpur as one of Asia’s top destinations for businesses. Our success in this case study further reinforces Empire Pest Control’s position as one of Malaysia’s leading providers of customizable integrated pest management solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of service did Empire Pest Control provide?

Empire Pest Control provided professional pest control services to a business in Kuala Lumpur that was facing a rodent invasion.

How successful was the pest control service?

The pest control service was extremely successful. Empire Pest Control was able to identify the source of the rodent invasion and apply the necessary treatments to completely remove the infestation.

What steps did Empire Pest Control take to ensure the success of the service?

Empire Pest Control took a comprehensive approach to ensure the success of the service. This included identifying the source of the infestation, determining the appropriate treatments, and then applying these treatments to eliminate the infestation.

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