Are you in search of advice on how to protect your establishment from the threat of birds? Whether you’re a property owner or work for a company battling with problematic birds, this blog entry from Empire Pest Control is just what you need. In this piece, we’ll explore the critical role of safety measures and inspections in addressing the issue. Additionally, we’ll offer several effective strategies to avoid drawing in further pest problems down the line.

Observe Safety and Sanitation

When facing a bird pest problem, the initial thing you need to do is make sure that the area is clean and safe.

This involves removing any food or water sources in order to get rid of pests, such as birds.

For example, if pigeons are living on your building’s roof, then there might be debris from shingles or other products that they can use for their nests.

In addition, it could potentially create an unsafe environment for people who work in close proximity to these pests.

It would be best if you avoid this scenario by making sure everything around your office space remains clean and free from debris, so no one gets hurt.

Know Its Biology

The next step to take is becoming familiar with the biology of each pest that you are dealing with.

This involves knowing what they eat, where do they nest, and their reproductive cycle.

It also includes understanding how much time it takes for them to develop from an egg into a full-grown adult bird.

This will help you create a plan on when would be the best times to implement certain control techniques in order to catch or scare away birds without harming them.

Identify Pest Birds in the Area

pest birds

The next thing that you need to do is identify the different types of pest birds in your area.

It may seem obvious, but some people think they are dealing with one type of bird while it’s actually another species.

This would result in using ineffective solutions for their problem and also cause stress because the pests will come back even if their issue was solved before.

Take a Wide-View Picture of the Structure

When using a wide-view picture of the structure, you will be able to identify any potential entry points where birds can get through.

For example, if they are entering your building because it has an open roof or gaps in between window panes, then there is definitely something that needs to be fixed.

It would help if you never neglected these types of issues when dealing with pest birds. They may seem minor at first but could potentially cause big problems later on, so make sure to fix them as soon as possible.

Survey the Area

No bird control solution would be complete without surveying the area. This is where you’re going to identify all of your entry points and potential hazards that may cause safety issues for people in close proximity to them.

It’s also a good idea to survey the surrounding structures because they could potentially house nests or provide birds with access to your property.

Remember, when filling out this form, it helps if you use brightly colored pens so everything can stand out more than usual.

Prepare to Offer Multiple Solutions

Most pest birds are smart enough to figure out the best solution that works for them.

This means if you use one tactic and it doesn’t work, they will just learn from it, so make sure you provide multiple solutions in order to catch all of the pests!

For example, some people might trap pigeons or remove nests on top of a building, but what happens when another area becomes available?

The pests could potentially move into this space which is why it’s important to have various options at your disposal instead of just using one technique each time.

Do not forget that there are many experts who can help with bird control services around the country.


This blog post has talked about a variety of safety and surveying tips from a bird control professional. We hope that these suggestions help you in your own home or business.

Should you have any more questions in mind, feel free to give us a call.