Malaysia ranks as a top destination for tourists seeking adventure and exploration. This tropical nation boasts a plethora of natural wonders and pristine beaches. Yet, it’s not without its drawbacks, one of which includes the presence of mosquitoes!

In this article, we’ll discuss the most common types of mosquitoes in Malaysia, how they affect your health, and what you can do to protect yourself from them while you’re exploring this great country!

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Aedes Mosquitoes


Among the most common type of mosquitoes, you can find in Malaysia are the Aedes mosquitoes. These types of mosquitoes have black and white markings on their bodies and are known for carrying tropical diseases such as dengue fever.

If you’ve got some containers with standing water in them, then you can expect Aedes mosquitoes to stay there because these types of mosquitoes need water to breed. These types of mosquitos are also known for their aggressiveness and love feeding on humans, so watch out!

Also, these mosquitoes love dark colors, preferably black and red. They are easily attracted to dark clothing and will try to bite through it. So when you’re exploring Malaysia, be sure to wear white or lighter clothes!

Anopheles Mosquito


Another type of mosquito you can find in Malaysia is the Anopheles mosquito – this type has a long snout that’s used to pierce your skin and even feed off blood from mammals or birds.

These mosquitoes aren’t attracted to dirty and polluted water. They thrive in clean water, so if you’re staying in a resort that has swamps or other standing pools of freshwater, then there will be mosquitoes around. So make sure to wear lots of bug spray when you’re going on an outdoor trip!

Another thing about this mosquitoe is that their female counterparts can lay 50-150 eggs in just one blood meal! You surely don’t want to wake up with a hundred mosquito bites all over your body, so make sure you use some strong bug sprays when in Malaysia.

Culex Mosquito


Another common type of mosquitoes found throughout Malaysia is Culex mosquitoes which come from a family called “night-time biters.” While their bite might not be quite as painful or dangerous as that from other breeds like those mentioned above, they still need to be taken seriously.

These mosquitoes are found in cool and dark places like under houses, inside sewers, or near drains. They can also lay their eggs on walls that have moisture! So it’s very important to make sure your home is not moist at all times as Culex mosquitos love warm areas where water collects – this could lead them into multiplying quickly, which will result in you having lots of bites from these pesky bugs.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Now that you know a little bit more about the most common type of mosquitoes in Malaysia let’s talk about how to get rid of them! Here are some steps you can take:

Tip 1: Ensure there is no standing water around your home. Mosquitoes breed very quickly in stagnant or still water, so make sure all sources are dried up and removed from anywhere near your house. This includes flower pots, old tires, buckets etc. If it’s raining, make sure any items like birdbaths have been emptied immediately after use. These types of containers will also provide an ideal breeding ground for pesky mosquitos.

Tip 2: Keep screens on windows and doors at all times as this will prevent mosquitoes from entering homes.

Tip 3: Ensure that your home is properly sealed and airtight. If there are any cracks or holes near the roof or windows, then use some caulk to close them, as these gaps will provide a free pass for mosquitoes into homes.

Tip 4: Use mosquito repellents such as coils, vaporizers, sprays etc. Mosquitoes come out at dusk, so make sure you switch on all sources of bug spray before it gets dark! Reapply if necessary, too – especially during summer months when mosquitos like being outside longer than usual. Some people might be sensitive to certain chemical-based mosquito repellants, but thankfully, there are also organic remedies available nowadays.

When to Call In The Experts For Mosquito Control

Unfortunately, just using repellents and other DIY methods is not enough to completely get rid of mosquitoes. If you’re suffering from a serious infestation, then it’s best to contact pest control companies for professional help as they have access to stronger insecticides that can kill off the bugs more effectively while also leaving behind no toxic residues or chemicals. In your home!

If you begin to notice that mosquito activity hasn’t decreased after a few days, then it’s time to call in the experts who will use special equipment like foggers and thermal treatment systems. These are extremely efficient at getting rid of mosquitoes as they kill all adult mosquitoes and prevent them from coming back into homes for many years!

In Conclusion

The listed mosquitoes here in this article are really dangerous and can cause serious illnesses, which is why you should keep your home clean by removing any stagnant water sources. Ensure to wear bug spray whenever outdoors, especially during dusk or dawn when most mosquitoes come out to bite people. And you start noticing more mosquitoes in your house; reach out to professionals right away.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article about the most common mosquitoes in Malaysia! If you think there are other ones that should be included, feel free to mention them down below.