If you’re dealing with an ant infestation at your residence, rest assured, you’re not the only one facing this challenge. In Malaysia, dealing with ants can be particularly troublesome due to their ability to fly, making them even more of a nuisance. Among the various types, twig ants are frequently encountered within homes, especially during the summer. We’ll guide you through the steps to effectively eliminate twig ants and strategies to ensure they don’t return.

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What Are Twig Ants?

twig ants

Twig ants appear like wasps because they have a similar body structure. Twig ants are black or dark brown in color and their bodies can grow to be about five-sixteenth of an inch long.

These types of ants get their name from the way that they build nests, which are usually inside wooden objects such as stumps or decomposing wood on your property.

What Do Twig Ants Eat?

These ant species eat other insects for food, so if you see them crawling around outside your home it means there could be other pests nearby including moths, aphids, butterflies, and even fungus spores!

They also may feed on sweet substances like nectar from flowers while scavenging for dead bugs. If you love growing plants outside then twig ants might become a problem for you.

Do Twig Ants Bite?

These types of ants do not bite humans or pets, but they will sting if their nest is threatened. Twig ant stings are very painful because the venom within these pests can be toxic to both humans and animals.

Are They Bad?

Although you might think twig ants are bad because they get inside your home, these types of ants actually help the environment by feeding on harmful pests.

However, it is important to note that if there is an infestation in your home then it could mean that their nests have been built too close to where you live! This can be dangerous for everyone living nearby and may even damage the structural integrity of homes or buildings.

How to Get Rid of Twig Ants

If you have twig ants in your home, then it is essential to take action as soon as possible. If not treated properly, they can easily reproduce and cause an infestation that will be hard for you to get rid of on your own!

The best way to kill these types of ants naturally is by using diatomaceous earth (DE). Diatomaceous Earth works because the tiny razor-sharp particles pierce through their exoskeleton which causes them to dehydrate. Once the body dries up they die immediately.

Use a duster or shaker bottle to apply DE around any potential entrances into your home if there are holes leading outside where these ant species may be coming in.

If you find twig ant nests near your home then be sure to contact a pest control company right away! They will know the best way to get rid of these types of ants and can prevent infestations from occurring again.


Twig ants are a common nuisance pest, and they can cause significant damage to landscaping. If you want to get rid of these pesky insects for good, follow the tips we’ve provided in this blog post!

We hope that our advice will help you prevent twig ant infestations on your property. Should you have additional questions in mind, do not hesitate to give us a call today!