Our rat control expert reports that rodents are a frequent issue in numerous households. They have the potential to inflict significant harm to your property, and eliminating them can be a challenging task.

If you have rodents in your house right now, don’t worry! In this blog post, we will discuss some home remedies that have been proven to work on rats or mice.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a natural rodent repellent that works well for mice and rats because they hate the smell.

But you must take note that it may only be effective if you use it in conjunction with other methods of pest control.

All you need to do is soak a cotton ball with peppermint oil and leave it in places where rodents are active, such as corners or near food sources.

Peppermint oil can be bought from natural stores at an affordable price.

Hot Pepper Flakes

Another natural rodent repellent that you can use is hot pepper flakes.

This home remedy for rodents has been used by farmers to protect their crops from being invaded by pests, and it works well on rats or mice too!

All you need to do is sprinkle the crushed red chilli peppers around your house in places where rodents are active.

You can also put some of the mixtures inside a cotton ball before placing them anywhere they roam.

Like peppermint oil, be sure to place these cotton balls near food sources as this might attract rodents even more!


Garlic is another natural rodent repellent that is known to be naturally effective.

Rodents hate the smell of garlic, so it’s an effective way to keep them away from your home without resorting to harmful chemicals or poisons.

All you need are cloves of fresh garlic.

Crush them and mix with water until they form a paste-like solution, then apply this all around windowsills, doors, baseboards, etc., where rodents often pass by or rest at night.

Be sure to reapply after rain or once every two weeks for best results!


Rodents are also known to hate the smell of ammonia.

Ammonia has been known to be the most effective natural remedy to get rid of rodents because its strong smell can last for days.

If you place a bowl full of diluted household ammonia near their nests, they will surely leave soon enough!

But do take note that this method is more effective if used in conjunction with other methods like peppermint oil or hot pepper flakes (mentioned above).


You can also use onions to keep rodents away from your home.

Rodents are repelled by the strong smell of onion, so you can place cut pieces of onion around areas where they often pass through or near their nests.

Doing this will not only make them leave your house alone, but it is a natural way to get rid of these pests without using harmful chemicals in your home!

In a Nutshell

The home remedies we’ve shared for getting rid of rodents from your property may not be the most pleasant, but they are effective.

Armed with these tips and a few extra precautions to keep them out in the future, you should have no more problems with unwanted visitors taking up residence at your house!

If you want some help cleaning up after those pesky critters or just need some information on how to prevent their return, give us a call today!