As temperatures increase, it’s crucial for pet owners to recognize the various hazards that their pets might encounter during these warmer months. The summer season often brings challenges for pets, including issues with ticks and fleas. However, there are additional risks within the home that many pet owners might not consider. Termites, small worm-like pests, pose a significant threat to both your pets and home. Should you discover a termite problem, it’s essential to consult with a professional termite extermination service in Malaysia.

Termites are one of the biggest dangers that routinely go unnoticed. If a part of your home is suffering from termites, your dog could be at risk, too. Termites often infest a house before they are detected, so a pet owner needs to look out for the signs. If you want to know how termites affect your furry-friends and other information that comes along with it, give this read a check! 

How Are Termites Harmful to My Pets? 

Termites, unlike other pests that can be found in your home, attack your pets in a non-direct manner. They prefer to live in dark, damp areas of the house where we can’t reach them. As a result, when a termite infestation occurs, you will most likely be unaware that these tiny invaders are slowly affecting your furry-friends.

If these little rascals don’t get exterminated and find their way to your walls, furniture, and floor, the bigger the chances they could harm your pets. There are countless ways termites affect our pets, and here are the common ones: 

Our Pets May Ingest Termites 

As we all know, our pets are curious about the things happening around them. They tend to explore, touch, and bite anything that comes to their interest. Although it’s a cute gesture for many, this can be dangerous if you have termites hiding around. If your dog takes a branch with infesting termites from the ground and treats it as a “chew toy”, they can potentially swallow these little worms.

Termites have uric acids in their body, which helps them digest the wood they’re eating, and if your dog accidentally consumes them, it may result in toxic poisoning. 

Dry Wood Termites Can Bite Our Pets 

Termites are similar to fleas, with the exception that they do not feed on your pet’s blood. They do, however, bite our pets, leaving them with painful bite marks that can swell and fill with pus. Our pets cannot control themselves, especially when they’ve got an itch, so it’s common for them to scratch and picks at those itchy bite marks until they’re satisfied.

However, this is not safe for them because it may cause their wound to become infected. Dry wood termites love to hide in our furniture, and they can sneak up on your pet while they’re sleeping near their hot spot without you even realizing it.

Termites Increase The Chances of Our Pets Getting Hurt

The moment we find out that we are having some termite infestation problems, it’s natural for us to panic and hurriedly buy materials to repel these pests. Many solutions and chemicals are available on the store shelf at the pest treatment section to do wonders when eliminating termites. However, not all these products are safe for our pets since some solutions can contain harsh chemicals that aren’t supposed to be ingested, inhaled, or come in direct contact with our pets.

Our pets are always wandering around, and if you happen to place these termite treatments on areas of your home, they might fiddle with it out of curiosity, making them at risk of danger. 


We truly understand how important your pet is to you, which is why it’s good to be careful when dealing with pest problems, particularly if it’s termites. It’s better to call the professionals whenever this type of issue arises in your home since they truly know how to safely eliminate these bugs without affecting your furry-friends.