Are you dealing with an ant issue? These annoying tiny insects can invade your home by finding their way through foundation cracks or simply by meandering onto your deck. A frequently asked question among homeowners is if they ought to opt for ant repellent or bait to tackle their ant problem.

This article will help you understand when each one is appropriate and how they work so you can make a decision for yourself!

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What Are Ant Repellents?

Ant repellents are liquid, powder, or granule ingredients that you spread around your foundation and doorways. They contain substances that ants find very unpleasant to make them go somewhere else in their colony rather than move towards the product. They are also considered a pesticide but are less toxic for humans.

Ant repellents that are chemical-based also come in sprays, so you can apply them directly to the ants as they approach your home. The chemical will kill the ant and keep others from coming back but use it with care because it could be harmful to pets and children.

Examples of Ant Repellents

ant repellent

Natural repellents are the best way to repel ants because it is safe and effective to use. There are many natural repellents such as citrus oil, peppermint oil, garlic oil, cinnamon oil, and thyme essential oils.

Other than natural repellents, we also have chemical ones. These repellents are strong and more effective, but they are harmful. If you want to use chemical repellents, there is boric acid in powder form that can be used outside the house in cracks and crevices where ants like to travel.

The Pros and Cons of Ant Repellents

Ant repellents are considered a solution to repel ants, and you should know their benefits and disadvantages.

The benefits of ant repellent are as follows:

  • Easy to use because you just need to follow the instructions and apply them around your house.
  • You can also spray them on ants that are coming into your home. Just make sure you do not inhale any of it or get in contact with your eyes and mouth when spraying!
  • It can be effective when used correctly.

The disadvantages of ant repellent include:

  • Not permanent; must be applied regularly for best results, but will keep working even after the rain has fallen over treated surfaces.
  • Not good for all kinds of ants.
  • Ants are able to overcome this chemical barrier after some time, so you have to reapply if they return.

What Are Ant Baits?

ant baits

Ants are attracted to sweet flavors so that they will be naturally drawn towards ant bait. The ants take the food with a substance that is toxic for them back to their nests and share it with other members of the colony, including the queen ant. The worker ants cannot digest this type of poison and die after sharing it with others, which kills off a huge part of your ant problem quickly.

Ant baits are the essential part of ant traps that are commonly used by people because of their effectiveness.

Examples of Ant Baits

You can set up different kind of food sources as ant baits sugar, food crumbs, meat grease, and syrup and mix them with your choice of ant bait chemical substance.

Examples of ant baits are:

  • borate-based products
  • abamectin products
  • fipronil products
  • hydramethylnon products

The Pros and Cons of Ant Baits

Choosing what you need can be hard sometimes, so knowing about the pros and cons of ant baits might help you decide.

The benefits of ant bait are as follows:

  • Ant baits eliminate an entire colony of ants, not just individuals
  • It could provide a permanent solution to and infestations
  • Ant baits are easy to use
  • Ant baits are cheap

Here are the cons of ant baits:

  • It doesn’t work on all types of ants
  • It will take a longer time to take effect
  • It can be harmful to children and pets

Which One Should I Get?

You need to decide depending on what kind of ants is in your house and the severity. If it’s an infestation, go for an ant trap with food inside because they will carry the substance back to their nests, and this kills many members in that colony, including the queen.

If there are just a few ants around here and there, use natural products like garlic oil or peppermint oil but make sure you don’t forget to spray them directly onto any entrances so they won’t be able to come into your home again.

What to Keep In Mind

There are two ways to control ants in your home. One is with an ant repellent, which will keep the insects out of your space for at least a few hours or days. The other option is using bait stations that contain poison to kill them on contact (or eventually after they eat it). Which method you choose depends on how much time and effort you want to spend killing the little pests around your house and whether or not you have pets! If this blog post has helped inform you about these methods, let us know. Also, if you have more questions, call us today!