[Case Study] Termite Problems in Cheras Office

Ms. Aisyah, an owner of a Real Estate company in Cheras was having a severe problem of termite infestation. They used all possible methods to eradicate these pesky little creatures and sought help from many pest control companies, but it was all to no avail. Since first trying Empire Pest Control, she has never had to deal with any termite problem ever since. It has been over a decade since she began working with Empire Pest Control to ensure her office is pest-free, and she hasn’t worked with anyone else.

Ms. Aisyah loves the yearly reminder call where the team of pest control specialists from Cheras continuously checks on her and the state of her workplace; she appreciates how polite and accommodating all the staff are and how dedicated the exterminators are in their work. The Real Estate business owner is highly impressed with Empire Pest Control, that she highly recommends it to all her friends and family.

Customer Background

Business owner Ms. Aisyah runs a small office in Cheras that handles Real Estate. She was having a severe termite pest control problem but ever since working with Empire Pest Control; she has never dealt with a pest issue ever since. Ms. Aisyah has been a regular customer of Empire Pest Control for over a decade, and she calls the company for any pest problem that may arise on her premises.

Original Termite Challenges

Ms.Aisyah owns an office that was having severe termite problems that began to spread drastically. Her office had an attic where all unused furniture, storage files, and other items are kept, and that is where the termites started coming from. The termite spread down to the walls and later on began eating the office’s furniture, such as a book-cabinet that was placed near the wall. Many employees started noticing saw-dust and black residue. Some even saw termites under their desk. When Ms.Aisyah found out that it was termites, she tried all possible methods to eradicate them, but it all failed since they weren’t able to pinpoint where the colony was.

Termite Solution

Even though the office was in a severe termite infestation, Empire Pest Control was still able to control the situation and entirely eliminate the termite problem with no difficulties. They were quick in locating the termite colony, which was on the attic, and utilized specialized solutions to kill the pest without harming Ms.Aisyah and all her employees. The exterminators of Empire Pest Control also inspected every piece of furniture in the office to ensure no termite would begin thriving again. Because of Empire Pest Control’s help, they never had to deal with any termite problem ever again.

Implementation To Get Rid Of Termite Infestations

When asked, Ms. Aisyah says she’s thankful to Empire Pest Control for saving her office and helping her company continue with its work. “Ever since I started working with Empire Pest Control, i always feel safe and assured that whatever pest problem I may encounted, they can come to my rescue any time.” Ms.Aisyah said, “No other company has ever showed me this kind of customer care and service. I’m truly impressed.” Empire Pest Control was successful in eradicating the termites effectively and efficiently, making them one of the best pest control providers in all of Malaysia.

Benefits and Results Achieved

Ms. Aisyah says by getting Empire Pest Control’s termite treatment; she never had to deal with those pesky little creatures ever since. She’s confident about her workplace in Cheras because Empire Pest Control has made it pest-proof, helping her keep a mind at peace. “Their staff are really accommodating and their exterminators never hesitates to lend a helping hand. I’m grateful to all of them.” She says. Empire Pest Control continuously checks up on Ms. Aisyah to see if everything is alright. They also do a regular inspection to check if there are any pests that may be lurking in the shadows.