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DIY Methods For Termite Problems

DIY Methods For Termite Problems

Termite problems could be expensive problems. These social insects can damage homes as they feed on wood. This is why early detection and treatment are necessary in order to control them.

You can try the following DIY techniques if you believe your home or workplace has been infested by termites.

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Vinegar is a wonder ingredient that has many household uses. It can also keep ants and termites away as the acid content will harm the insects on contact.

Try mixing pure vinegar with lemon juice from two lemons and put it in a spray bottle.

Try scraping off mud tubes and spray off the solution to kill the termites or spray it on termite-infested areas.


Boric acid or borate is a popular pest control chemical.

You can buy them in powder or liquid form that you can mix with water to make a spray solution that you can use to kill off termites.

Essential oils

Some essential oils can also help get rid of termites the natural way. These include orange oil, garlic oil, clove oil, and neem oil.

Orange oil has a substance called d-limonene that is lethal to termites. Neem oil can inhibit their ability to lay eggs or shed skin.

Mix two cups of water with a few drops of these essential oils and you got a natural spray.

Sunlight for furniture

Termites hate sunlight that is why they build mud tubes as protection. If furniture has been infested with termites, expose it under the heat of the sun.

You can also try opening your windows to try to expose affected areas of the house under the heat.


Nematodes are microscopic worms that are now commonly used as pest control. You can try to buy them from online or physical stores.

They will burrow into the termites and release bacteria that can poison the blood of the termite that will kill them in a matter of days.

Mix the nematode with potting soil and cold water that you will apply on infested areas outdoors.

Cardboard traps

Try using cardboard as a trap. Termites, especially the drywood group, are attracted to cellulose-based materials.

Spray some water into the cardboard to dampen it and check it out after a few days. Chances are, termites nearby will flock in it.

That is the best time to dispose of the cardboard by burning.   

Spot treatment

You can also drill and fill holes on wood to kill drywood termites.

Drill holes that are 10 inches apart into infested wood and fill the holes with readily available termiticides you can find on stores. Close up holes with wood patch or putty.

While there is no guarantee that these DIY methods will kill termite completely, they are a good solution if you are still waiting for your scheduled professional termite treatment.

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