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What Types of Pests Are Most Common in Kuala Lumpur?

What Types of Pests Are Most Common in Kuala Lumpur

The presence of pests can result in annoyance, property damage and diseases. Pests might be living things, but their invasion can be harmful and unpleasant. It helps to identify them sooner to address the issue immediately for most of them can multiply quickly. In Kuala Lumpur, the most common pests are termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants and rodents.



The most common ant species in Malaysia are Black House Ant, Fire Ant, and Ghost Ant. Though most of these ants only feed on food sources and not damage properties, they can still be a nuisance. Black House Ants scavenge kitchens, garbage, and even dog excrement, so they are potential spreaders of salmonella.

Signs of infestation include ant pathways and ant nests in walls or secluded places. If home remedies do not treat the problem, you can always call professional pest control in KL.



Termites are silent destroyers that feed on cellulose-based materials. Most homes and structures can provide cellulose for termites to consume and result in infestation. The most common types of termites that attack homes in Kuala Lumpur are subterranean, dry wood and damp wood.

Signs of infestation include temporary swarming of winged insects in your home, termite droppings, mud tubes on walls and discarded wings from swarmers. If you think your home is infested, it is best for you to contact a professional to assess the infestation and provide proper treatment.



The most common cockroach species in Malaysia include the German Cockroach and the American Cockroach. They feed on almost any type of food though they prefer sugary and starchy types of food. They commonly love wet, dark and hidden areas, so watch out for them under cupboards or sinks or behind kitchen appliances.

They can also be found in basements, bathrooms and roof voids so it is best to check undisturbed areas. Signs include droppings, smear marks, moulted skin, egg cases, unpleasant odor and damage on food packs.

Bed Bugs

bed bugs

Bed bugs are nocturnal parasite bugs that feed on blood from warm-blooded mammals. They are 5 to 6 millimeters long, oval-shaped and red-brown in color. They do not have wings and they use their pointed mouth for sucking.

Their eggs are white and get darker as they hatch. They are mostly found in crevices and cracks, headboards, broken wallpaper or under carpets. They love to feed at night and can survive up to months without feeding. You can get bed bugs from traveling if your clothes or luggage carry even one active female bug.



Black Rats and Brown Rats are common rodent pests in Malaysia. Signs include rat droppings, bite marks and rat nests. Check areas such as kitchen and laundries, attic spaces, lofts and cavity walls or spaces that are undisturbed. Rats are a nuisance because they feed on your food and belongings. Get help from professionals for proper evaluation and treatment.

It helps to know the common pests that may invade your home or business premises for you to be able to quickly solve the problem. If you are not able to handle treatment yourself, it helps to contact specialists who know the habits of various pests, making them equipped to execute effective treatment plans.

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