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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Cockroach infestation is a common problem that bothers homes and food businesses. It is a major turn-off as cockroaches are associated with poor sanitation and illnesses for these insects can carry bacteria. There are things we can do to prevent roaches from invading our home or business. However, we can only do so much.

If the problem has grown and we can no longer control it, there are professionals to help with safe and reliable cockroach control in Malaysia. Here are tips on how you can get rid of these pests.

Cut them off their food supply

Cockroaches get attracted to your home because there is a reason to come back. They can have almost anything left for them, even food debris or crumbs.

This is why it is always a good practice to clean up thoroughly to lessen their chance of sustenance in your kitchen. Always close food containers and keep them covered.

Put away food trashes. When cleaning, do not miss out on the back and bottom of kitchen appliances, wash trash bins, and wipe surfaces with cleaning agents.

Clean hiding places

Aside from food, roaches need shelter and they love damp areas, hidden nooks, and crannies. Clean up stacks of old cardboard boxes and stacks of paper.

Fix leaky faucets to avoid damp floors. To keep it simple, make it a practice to get rid of clutter.

Use bait

If you spot some roaches, bait for these is easy to use. Apply them to high-risk areas or their points of entry.

Baits are best for cockroaches that remain hidden, but if you see a group of insects, keep your insecticide handy so you can quickly target active ones. It is best to use concentrated insecticides, just be careful in spraying only the pests.  

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Roaches prefer small, dark areas. Inspect areas of your home where they might be entering and seal them when necessary.

These creepy crawlers can make their way through small holes and cracks so seal up gaps. You can use sealants and caulk or consider weather-stripping your doors or windows.

Use glue boards

You can use glue boards to monitor the progress of your treatment. Place them inside or beneath cabinets in your kitchen and toilet or in other areas that have been infested.

Check them weekly and continue treatment if new roaches are found.

Make your own insect repellents

A simple mixture of dish soap and water can help suffocate roaches. Spray the solution to these annoying pests once you spot them.

You can also try applying essential oil such as peppermint or eucalyptus on areas you think they love to walk on.  

These methods help eliminate cockroaches or avoid serious infestations. If your home had been previously occupied and seriously infested, the wiser option might be calling a professional company to handle the problem for you never know how far these insects have gone breeding into your home. Experts know best what to do to solve the problem.