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FAQs Of Cockroaches

FAQs Of Cockroaches

We try to answer the most commonly asked questions about our cockroach control in Malaysia. If you have more, feel free to contact us.

Are baits effective for cockroach control?

When used and placed properly, baits are effective in getting rid of cockroaches. It is also best to combine it with other treatment efforts for maximum results.

The approach still depends on the cockroach population that is why it is important to perform a due assessment of the infestation.

Can I keep cockroaches from coming back?

You can only do so much when it comes to proper sanitation and good hygiene.

Cockroaches are sneaky creatures that will always find a way to go back when there is an opportunity or when they find food sources in your home or place of business.

That is why it is worth getting regular treatment especially if you are in the food industry.

How do you treat cockroaches?

We offer a range of effective treatments including baits and spray formulations.

Baits are formulations containing food and a small amount of insecticide, which cockroaches prefer. We also have passive bait treatment using gels.

This approach is not messy and suitable for areas of food preparation or where safety is a major concern.

Spray formulations on the other hand are applied along with crawling spaces. When they come in contact with the pesticide, they are killed.  

How do I prepare for cockroach treatment?

We provide a list of preparation activities before the actual treatment, but just to give you an idea, we request customers to do a number of things.

Please note that proper preparation is very important for safety and effective treatment. We first encourage customers to do a thorough cleaning of their house or place of business.

These include the removal of clutter and cutting off food sources for the baits to be more effective.

When there are no sources of food for them, there is a greater chance they get attracted to the bait.

Store food in containers and remove food items from countertops.

How much is the cost of cockroach control?

Price varies based on the size of the area to be treated and the level of infestation. Please call us so we can give you a quote.

How do I prevent future infestations?

In preventing cockroach infestation, remember to cut off food sources but this is not limited to the food you leave on the table or on countertops.

This could mean food crumbs, oil spills or even garbage. Cleanliness is key, as well as proper maintenance in fixing leaky pipes or faucets and sealing cracks or holes.

Is it worth hiring a professional or can I also do it on my own?

Yes, it is especially if you can never risk ruining your business’ reputation just because of cockroaches. Here’s a post on why hiring professionals for cockroaches problem is a better solution.

It is worth investing in a safe, reliable, and effective cockroach control service rather than get sick or lose profits.

What you must always do is keep them away again by cutting off their food sources in your home.