[Case Study] Bed Bugs Infestations in a Puchong Home

Bed Bugs Infestations in Puchong Home

Mrs.Megat from Puchong, Malaysia was facing an annoying pest problem that seemed to keep her and her husband up at night. They suspected that they were having some severe bed bug infestation since they always woke up with itchy red bite marks on their backs. She had contacted various pest control companies, but many had too high price rates and cannot promise her an effective and quick solution.

However, all her prayers were answered when she stumbled upon Empire Pest Control from Puchong. Since that day, she has finally found the best pest control service provider to help her with any issue that may arise. Mrs.Megat has countlessly moved to different residential locations, yet Empire Pest Control still serves her to this day. She loves their excellent customer service, effective pest treatments, polite staff and exterminators, and budget-friendly price rates. Because of this dedication, Mrs.Megat highly recommends it to all her friends and family.

Customer Background:

Mrs.Megat, who has been a resident at Puchong Malaysia, has experienced countless pest problems over the past years, such as bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, and even termites. But ever since she tried Empire Pest Control, she has never had to deal with pesky creatures ever since.Mrs.Megat has been a customer for over a decade and truly loves the service Empire Pest Control has offered.

The Original Bed Bug Infestation

For many months Mrs.Megat and Mr.Megat have been having trouble sleeping because of red and itchy bite marks on their back. They found out that they’re having a bed bug problem and proceeded to move to another room to temporarily get a good rest while trying to find a pest control company to help them deal with the issue. Unfortunately, this enabled the bed bugs to spread from room to room and made the situation even worse.

They tried all possible methods to stop and eradicate the bed bugs (heat, UV rays, repellents), but the problem just kept on progressing. Fortunately, she was able to come in contact with Empire Pest Control, and they were able to get rid of the bed bugs within just a couple of days. She never had to deal with bed bugs and any type of pest ever since.

Pest Control Solutions

Even though Mrs.Megat was experiencing a severe bed bug infestation, they were entirely eradicated by Empire Pest Control’s exterminators. Ever since her home was treated and she was given the proper tips and advice from Empire Pest Control, she and her husband were finally able to get a good night’s sleep. All the bed bugs were killed with the use of Empire Pest Control’s cutting-edge heat technology, robust pest solutions, and well-thought plans.


Mrs.Megat was genuinely impressed with the results and outcome of the bed bug treatment. She truly appreciates the yearly reminder calls to ensure that her home is always safe and pest-free. “Empire Pest Control genuinely cares for their customers, and no other company has ever shown that kind of dedication,” she said. “This is by far the best and the only pest company I could ever trust.” Even when life can get a bit busy, Empire Pest Control never misses a monthly check-up with Mrs.Megat and are ready to address whatever concern or issue may arise.

Results & Benefits Achieved:

Mrs.Megat has said that because of the never-ending help Empire Pest Control has given her; she never has to deal with any type of pest problem ever since. “I love how friendly and polite their exterminators are and how they never hesitate to lend me a helping hand!” She said, “They never fail to give me a reminder a day before our regular check-ups and are always on time for whatever treatment I may need. They are reliable and responsible, and I could never think about a much better pest control provider than them”. Because of Empire Pest Control, Mrs.Megat and all her loved ones can enjoy a safe and pest-free home with no worries!