Rodents pose a significant issue for both residential and commercial property owners. They are known to damage buildings, spoil food, spread illnesses, among other problems. Consequently, our rat management services are frequently in demand among homeowners and business proprietors.

This blog post will explore what we mean when we say rodent management is necessary and why it’s so important to get the job done right!

Rats Gnaw Through Electrical Insulations

The first problem with rodents is their tendency to gnaw through any type of electrical insulations because this will sharpen their teeth.

This causes fires which can lead to significant property damage and even loss of life if left unchecked over time, so this rodent behavior should be taken seriously.

They Can Damage Your Roofing

Rodents are also known to cause roof damage to homes. That’s because they love chewing on the insulations of overhangs, gutters, vents, and anything else that may be hanging off your home or business’s exterior structure.

This gnawing can weaken the integrity of these structures, which will lead them to collapse if not immediately treated by a professional who has experience with rodent management.

Rats Will Ruin Your Lawn and Garden

Rats will also feed on lawn or garden plants that you’ve spent a lot of time and energy cultivating to make your property look its best.

This is bad for two reasons: one because it can ruin the appearance of your landscaping, and two, because rodents’ feces contain viruses that could end up contaminating these plants through their droppings if left untreated by rodent management experts.

They Carry Diseases

Rodents are known to carry a wide range of diseases that can be transmitted through bites or droppings.

These are rarely deadly, but they’re still unpleasant and will certainly make your life harder if you decide to ignore rodent problems in your home or business for too long.

Diseases from rats are dangerous for humans and pets because they can result in a few days of pain or can even result in death in advanced circumstances.

Rats Defecate and Urinate Everywhere

Rodents don’t typically use the restroom in a single place; they will go everywhere that is convenient for them.

This means you might find droppings all across your property and even inside of it if rodents have been able to get inside via an opening somewhere on the outside.

They also urinate while running, which can leave marks or stains wherever they’ve done so.

Rats will also urinate at the food they consume, and they do this to mark their territory.

This makes rodent management necessary because otherwise, their habitat could become contaminated with feces and urine, leading to disease risk for anyone living there as well as unpleasant house guests!

They Chew Through Thermal Insulation

Rodents love chewing through anything they can get their teeth on, and this includes thermal insulation.

This means that if you have a rodent problem in your home or business, the heat could go out at any time because rats chewed through an important part of it.

Rats Eat Almost Everything

Finally, rats are omnivores that enjoy eating just about everything humans eat.

This means they could potentially get into your pantry or kitchen and chew through food containers to find sustenance inside if you’re not careful!


Rodent management is necessary to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

No matter where you live or what industry you work in, rodent control can be important for your private and public safety.

If you are interested in learning how we can help with pest control services or have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!