Regardless of the industry, pests can pose a significant issue for any company.

While they may not be the most important issue to deal with when your company is closed temporarily, it is still something that should be taken care of during this hiatus.

In this blog post, we will discuss why pest management from Empire Pest Control needs to continue while your business is closed and how you can take care of these pests without too much hassle.

Pests Are More Active When People are Not Around 

You may be enjoying your holiday while sipping a bottle of champagne, but pests in your business property might also be enjoying themselves by making your company their own personal playground.

If you are closed for a few days or weeks, pests will be more active and may cause even more damage to your property while they have the time of their lives.

Pests tend to feast on any food that is left in the building, so this can lead to an infestation that will be hard to deal with.

You might be taking a vacation, but pests will always be active, especially when there’s no human activity to scare them off your area.

The least you want to see the moment you come back is rat droppings or an infestation of bed bugs that need professionals to deal with.

Rats Might Damage Your Property 

As a business owner, one of your worse enemies is rats. Rats are known to be great at chewing on wires, which can cause an electrical fire. Rats are also known to carry diseases that they may leave behind in their droppings and urine.

These creatures have the innate ability to get into any small hole or crack where you wouldn’t even think about them being able to get through.

If you stop with your pest control management due to temporarily being closed, then you can expect rats to swarm into your place of business and cause havoc that may cost you thousands of ringgits to fix.

However, with ongoing pest management, you can keep rats at bay, which will help save your business from any unexpected damages.

Droppings From Pests Might Contaminate The Area

Pests are known to leave droppings that not only stink but can also contaminate the area with bacteria.

If you neglect pest management, this would cause more people to be sickened and could also lead to permanently closed business operations.

Nowadays, most eateries are required by law to have a system of hygiene that prevents food from being contaminated, so if you happen to open your doors again and customers find droppings, you can expect to be slapped with a hefty fine.

Since you are temporarily closed, pest management is one of the most important things to keep up so that your business can thrive when it reopens once more.

Being proactive in preventing pests from entering and contaminating the area will also save time for your employees who have to clean up after them.

Lesser Pest Safety Concerns When You Get Back

When reopening your business, the worst thing that can happen is closing it again just because safety concerns have risen due to pests.

You don’t want to have your business shut down due to health concerns, so it’s important that you have the pest problem taken care of before reopening.

The best way to do this is by having a professional come in and take care of any pests while your business is closed and after it has reopened.

You want all employees and customers to feel safe on your property, especially when you’ve been gone for the holidays!


The last thing you want is for an infestation to ruin your business.

That’s why it’s important that, even if your store or office is temporarily closed due to a holiday break or other events, pest control still needs to be taken care of by professionals like Empire Pest Control when the building will not be open for at least one week.

When you contact us today – whether it’s before Christmas Eve or after New Year’s Day – we can send out our team of qualified technicians who will provide thorough and complete treatment in just one visit.