Opting for a pro pest control team (https://www.empirepestcontrol.my/selangor/) is smart thinking. But hey, don’t kick back and forget all about it. If you really want those pesky critters gone for good, from your place or business, you’ve got to do a bit more than just bring in the experts.

You ought to put some things in place before and after pest treatments.

What are those “things”?

Let’s find out.

Your Ultimate Guide To Effective Pest Control: The Before & Afters

For an easy read, we would split this section further into two (one for “before” and the other for “after”). That said, let’s get into the details already.

What You Should Do Before Pest Treatments

Tidy Your Home If You Haven’t

No one is saying your home or office is unkempt. Nevertheless, you can still make it even tidier. More importantly, make your spaces ready for pest management experts. The chances are that these professionals would move around. So, it’s best that you create uncluttered walk-around spots for them.

We understand – you might not be able to vacuum your entire house. So, here are some quick tips: It is difficult for most pests to hold on to smooth surfaces, so consider lining the hard-to-reach places in your home with sheets of paper (like those found under desks or cabinets). For more areas if needed, opt for removable sticky paper sheets. If your kitchen and bathroom are generally messy, then tidy them up right away. The mess could have been a source of attractants or at least harborage for pests to dwell in.

Shield Your Properties

Once you have arranged your home, the step is to protect the surfaces of your valuables. Besides the poisonous effect of the chemical aids, these substances can damage your items (especially furniture). Talking of poisonous effects, you should protect items such as plates and cooking utilities even more because they are crucial to your health.

Vacate Your Pets

Like you’ve protected your valuables, you should also shield your pets. The only way to do that is to vacate them from the environs of the pest treatments. Mind you: even you should vacate such areas. In short, move all living things – including your plants. Only the experts could handle the contamination and the treatments.

What You Should Do After Pest Treatments

Don’t Be In Haste

We understand that you might want to get back into your home immediately after the treatments, but you shouldn’t. Instead, you should follow the strict instructions of your technical aid. Another thing is when you eventually return to your home. It is best that you don’t clean it immediately. Why? The chemicals might have no health risk to you anymore, but they could still be reacting with your paints or floorings. As such, you should wait till the go-ahead from your pest management aids.

Discard Anything You Forgot

Despite your best preparation, you might leave a few materials in your home during the treatment. In such a case, the best approach is to discard the item. More importantly, you should know how to eliminate contaminated properties. You can’t throw it out anyhow as such could be unsafe for the environment.

Monitor & Evaluate Your Pest Situation

Now, the dust has settled. You have moved into your treated home and cleaned the walls and floorings. However, you still need to inspect your pest situation. Since the treatment, what has changed? Can you say the control aids reduced insect activities? No? Then, you might need to consult your expert for a follow-up.

In such a case, your home might need fixes. For example, you might have leaks in your roof or even a damp wall. All these factors can rubbish your pest management aids.

Once you address such underlying issues, you’re good to go. Free from pests, you’ll enjoy a healthy and peaceful home!