Bed bugs are small nuisances that reside within your mattress, feasting on your blood as you slumber. Eradicating them is nearly insurmountable, and they are also quite difficult to detect. However, were you aware that the correct temperature can instantly eliminate bed bugs? Indeed, it’s true!

Read this article given by expert bed bug exterminators for all the details on how to identify them, what temperature kills them, and more!

What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs?

dead bed bug

We know how excited you are to know the basics of getting rid of bed bugs. But, take note that temperature plays a vital role in killing these pests.

Typically, if bed bugs are exposed to temperatures of 113°F for 90 minutes or more, they will die. When exposed to 118°F, however, they will perish within 20 minutes. Therefore, to achieve 100 percent death, bed bugs and eggs must be exposed to 118°F for 90 minutes.

But of course, experts still suggest you call them since they have tools that can produce the right temperature for bed bug extermination. This includes thermal fogging, which is a process that uses liquid nitrogen to kill bed bugs on contact and then leaves no residue or odors behind.

How to Stop Bed Bugs From Coming Back?

We understand how aggravating it is to cure your house for bed bugs, only for them to reappear. You believe you’ve done everything correctly, yet the bed bugs keep reappearing.

Make it a habit to carefully examine everything in your home for bed bugs. It takes a lot of effort to be alert, but it is well worth it. You can take the following steps to avoid a re-infestation:

A good start would be replacing the sheets and blankets with clean, infested clothes in sealed plastic bags or containers.

Additionally, anything stored below beds should also be inspected for any signs of bed bug presence because they can latch on at those levels too!

You can also seal cracks and crevices around window sills or under doors with caulk to stop bed bugs from coming back. Again, this is a great way to make sure that they can’t get in through these openings!

Other than those tips, try to consider vacuuming the room on a regular basis, including cracks and seams to pick up live bugs.

All gaps and crevices where bed bugs lay their eggs should be steam cleaned using a hand steamer. After the mattress and box spring have been treated, add mattress coverings to be used afterward.

Bedding, sheets, and blankets should also be washed in hot water and then dried.

What Attracts Bed Bugs in The First Place?

blood attracts bed bugs

You might be wondering why bed bugs come and go, even in a clean and tidy house. People think that bed bugs are attracted to dirty and filthy places, but in reality, they are mainly attracted to our blood.

The mattress is their breeding ground, where they lay eggs in the seams of mattresses or fabrics nearby. On the other hand, your blood is what serves as their food source.  You might find that you have bed bugs if there are live or dead ones in your mattress, box spring, and around the area.

Bed bugs can be also be attracted to our clothes because of our sweat. The smell alerts them that a victim is nearby. Therefore, thoroughly wash all your filthy garments, so you don’t attract these creatures!

Should I Call a Professional Bed Bug Control?

professional bed bug control

Though there are numerous ways of dealing with bed bugs yourself, there are certain situations and circumstances wherein you would really need to contact a professional.

If you have a large infestation where bed bugs are in multiple rooms of the house, it’ll be better to contact professionals since they can help eliminate them more efficiently.

You should also call if there’s an indication that bed bugs might spread outside your home and infect other people or places nearby.

When dealing with bed bugs, and you get stressed out about how to take care of this yourself, then maybe calling for professional assistance is what you need!

They will find out whether your problem needs extra attention by sending someone over who has experience with bed bug extermination methods. The person on site will recommend which method would work best depending on the severity of the situation!

The New Realizations

An essential thing to keep in mind while dealing with bed bugs is how to get rid of them. Whether you hire specialists to exterminate these pests or do it yourself, you should be informed of the temperature that kills bed bugs, along with many methods for eliminating them and preventing them from returning.

So you don’t lose time trying to figure out what’s going on, we can examine your home for any symptoms of bed bugs and offer an estimate with a no-obligation quotation.