No matter what critters have made themselves at home in your space, squashing that bug problem is **always a big deal**; but hey, some invaders really turn up the ick factor. These unwanted guests can cart around a whole bunch of nasty germs, putting you and your family’s health in the danger zone.

Furthermore, they can cause extensive damage to your property and force you to spend a lot of money on replacements! So, if you want to avoid this kind of situation from happening (or escalating), consider booking a professional pest control service in Klang that to get rid of any type of issue. 

Pests can be a handful to handle, and there are particular ones you never want to find in your home. Some bugs and animals are inconvenient, and even some that could be much, much worse.

If you ever find yourself dealing with the following, act right away and give your trusted pest control service provider a call: 



Among the range of pests, you don’t ever want to infest your home are termites. Termites are little worm-like creatures that love to live and eat anything that’s made of wood. So whether you have tables, chairs, cabinets, walls and even floors, they’re sure to destroy it if not properly treated. 

Because Termite colonies bore and eat wood, they create cavities that sabotage the wood’s structural design and quality. Each year, these pests cause about billions of dollars of structural damage. Sometimes, termites can even administer wood damage intensively that which can severely compromise your home’s safety. 

Sadly, termite infestations are relatively common all over the world, but there are specific preventive measures and treatments you can do to avoid or lessen their population! 

Pantry Pests 

Imagine storing all your favorite snacks in your pantry and just have them contaminated by pests, annoying right? Pantry pests such as roaches, mice and ants are among the stubborn to get rid of. Not only do they take and eat your food, but they also leave urine, droppings and feces trails in your pantry that can find their way to your food. 

Digesting anything that these pests have touched can lead to food poisoning since they carry many diseases. Furthermore, some of these little insects can lay eggs in your snacks, especially when you don’t seal them properly! 

Pantry pests are drawn to easily accessible food, particularly when placed in dark, quiet places. They love to consume a wide variety of products, such as cereals, bread, pasta, nuts, flour, dry fruits, and more.



It’s not that hard to comprehend why many individuals are afraid of this insect. Wasps are stubbornly territorial, severely aggressive, and unafraid to sting anyone. They are considered the most dangerous and frustrating when they build their nest near your home. 

When these pests build a nest in an area where you and other family members usually pass, it’s easy for them to detect you as a threat and would hurt you without any hesitation. 

They usually build their homes into existing covers or shelters, such as gutters, eaves, house corners, or even chimneys. Be sure to call the professionals when dealing with them since they can be really dangerous!

Bed Bugs

bed bugs

If you’re having trouble sleeping soundly at night, then you might be dealing with bed bugs. These tiny creatures are hard to spot, but they indeed love sucking the blood out of humans! 

Similarly, with pantry pests, many bed bug infestations start when a homeowner unconsciously brings them inside. Bed bugs infiltrate your home by sneaking in on bags and packages. They hide in inaccessible and dark areas and wait until nighttime to move.

However, many pest control companies offer various services when dealing with bed bugs. They may be tiny, but they’re not impossible to remove! 


Whether it’s wasps, bed bugs, pantry pests or even termites, no one wants to have problems lurking in their home in Klang. So if you practice general cleaning and good hygiene, you’re sure to avoid an infiltration from ever happening in the first place!