The initial inquiry you may have for professional cockroach control services upon spotting a cockroach in your residence might be, “What caused this?” Typically, open doors and windows are gateways for roaches into homes. However, the most common reason is their migration from the outdoors through fissures or openings around the foundation of your house. This blog post aims to assist you in pinpointing the reason behind the presence of roaches in your home and offers solutions to tackle this issue!

Sources of Moisture

Roaches require moisture to survive, and they will often find it in your home. Any items around the house that promote water retention or humidity are a huge breeding ground for roach infestations.

For example, Leaky faucets and pipes make the perfect environment for roaches to breed and feed on. This is because there is plenty of standing water as well as organic waste nearby, which cockroaches love!

Unsealed Cracks and Crevices

Roaches love to hide and seek out dark, moist areas for protection. Often, these hiding experiences lead them to your home’s foundation.

They can also move into unsealed spaces around the baseboards of your house, as well as cracks in walls and floors near kitchen appliances, such as dishwashers and stoves.

If there are gaps anywhere around a pipe or a wire through a wall, it may create an opening that allows roaches to enter––and one is all it takes!

Humidity Levels

Cockroaches thrive in humid climates––and you should be doing whatever you can to reduce the humidity inside your home.

This is because cockroaches become more active in higher heat and humidity levels.

Roaches are also attracted to water, which is why they will enter your home if there is low humidity inside.

To avoid this problem, make sure all windows are tightly sealed with paint or weather stripping, especially on the bottom floor of your house.

If you have a crawl space under the ground level of your house, consider adding insulation to keep humidity down, as well as sealing off any potential entry points for roaches into your home.

Food Sources You’re Unaware Of

Roaches will enter your home even if there is no moisture or humidity present because they are looking for food sources. Cockroaches need to eat to survive, and water isn’t always enough––so they will look for other ways to get their nutrients.

Sometimes roaches will feed on plants and flowers in your house, but oftentimes you won’t actually see them do it!

If left alone, cockroaches can easily breed within the stems of plants.

When you notice a roach in your home, consider what types of food may be available for them to eat in less than obvious places such as:

  • Ruins behind old paintings
  • Crumbs between crevices in furniture
  • Food particles underneath

Your Location

Lastly, your home’s location can be a cause of roach infestations too.

If you happen to live near a body of water, such as a lake or river, roaches can quickly enter your home without warning.

For example, roaches often end up in oceans and rivers due to the tides––and they may cling onto boats and ships and find their way into homes nearby too!

So keep an eye out for any potential entrances that could lead roaches straight into your house.

In Conclusion

Roaches can be a major problem for homeowners.

It is important to know the cause of roach infestation, as well as what you can do to prevent it from happening in the future.

With that said, if you want help killing cockroaches and preventing them from coming back again later on down the line, feel free to give us a call!