Hate bugs? Finding out they’ve taken over your space is the worst. Spiders, roaches, beetles, or wasps – kicking these uninvited guests out of your house turns into a real headache real fast.

Fortunately, you can hire a professional pest control specialist from Shah Alam who can offer you exceptional extermination services since these professionals are equipped with the right tools and equipment to get the job done without any hassle.

Regardless if you’ve chosen to hire a pest control company or not, it’s good to know the reason why these insects make their way inside your home in the first place to avoid more pests from coming over. To learn more about this, keep on reading below!

A Home That is Not Regularly Cleaned 

We all know how tiring it is to spend your hours cleaning, dusting, and organizing your home in Shah Alam, especially when you’re struggling with an 8-hour job shift. However, cleanliness is a vital aspect that’s required if you don’t want to see roaches and spiders running around your home.

Pests are usually attracted to filthy places since they can thrive and scavenge for food in this kind of environment. When you have a dirty sink, unwashed dishes lying all over and a pile of garbage in the trashcan, then you’re making your house a perfect place for unwanted pests to hang out in.

So if you don’t want your premises from becoming a jungle, be sure to practice a regular cleaning schedule; not only will this make your home pest-free, but it’ll also help you avoid getting sick from all the dust and dirt!

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Crack and Gaps in your Outer Walls, Windows, and Doors

Pests are relatively small, and they can fit through most anything. Whether it’s just a little crack in your window frame, a gap under your doors or perhaps holes in your house’s outer walls, pests can quickly come inside through these openings.

Roaches, ants, and bed bugs are always in the hunt for food. They can sense and smell food even if they’re miles away, and if your house happens to be a spot where they can find something to eat, they won’t hesitate to infiltrate it.

Considering this, it’s essential that you seal off any openings where you suspect pests and insects to enter. In this way, you’ll prevent an infestation from even happening in the first place.

Nearby Shrubs and Trees that are Not Constantly Trimmed 

Having trees, plants, and shrubs on your premises will undoubtedly make your house look brighter since the leaves’ green color will make it pop. However, if these trees and plants happen to touch a part of your home, you’re making a bridge for insects to cross over.

Pests, especially ants, tend to search and scout for food regardless of how far it is. They will first send out a little group to find a food source, and once they do, that group will go back to their base, and thousands of small and armies will come marching in your home. Before you know it, your kitchen is now filled with red fire-ants that hurt a lot when it bites!

If you don’t want this from happening, you better make sure that all your trees, shrubs, and plants are trimmed and maintained regularly. Also, be sure to Cut out branches that touch your home’s roof since trees house many critters that can make their way to your home.


Insects and pests can be a handful to handle but knowing how to prevent them from invading your home is the best way to avoid those unneeded expenses and harmful pest control solutions. The next time you find an insect in your house, be sure to recheck this guide and take action right away!