Ants pose a significant issue for both homeowners and proprietors of businesses. The preferred method to eliminate ants involves the use of ant traps, but what exactly are these traps, and do they truly work in halting ant invasions?

This post from our experts of ant control will talk about what glue ant traps are, how to use them, and everything that comes in between. Read on below to get started!

What are Ant Glue Traps?

ant glue traps

Ants are such a nuisance for anyone who is trying to live a peaceful life. They can sabotage your food supplies and damage electrical wirings, which can lead to accidents. Luckily, many ant control experts have developed ways to deal with ants without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides, which can greatly damage your health.

One of the most common ant control methods is using an ant trap, otherwise known as glue traps or sticky pads.

Ant glue traps are made of cardboard with a bed of sticky glue on them. The glue has been implanted with a scent that attracts ants. This is perfect for trapping ants so they can’t escape, and you don’t have to worry about killing them with harmful chemicals or by hand.

The best part is that ant glue traps will catch any type and size of an ant in your home, meaning there’s no need to use different types of products when it comes to getting rid of ants.

Can Ant Glue Traps Control an Infestation?

It can be puzzling how one treatment can be so good in controlling ants, even without chemicals and other pesticides. But you’d be surprised to know that researchers have discovered glue traps can indeed control an ant infestation.

They’re perfect for smaller colonies of ants and will work to eliminate the problem over time if they are put out in areas where ants travel frequently.

However, some homeowners like to use other ways to get rid of ants, too, since it seems like a waste not to kill them once you’ve caught them. Using different types of products simultaneously is more effective than putting up with one product alone!

Plus, some people feel guilty about trapping live insects, so they want their home clean 100% of the time without dead bugs everywhere, which makes using multiple tactics beneficial here.

Where Should I Place Ant Glue Traps?

ant traps

Ant glue traps can be placed literally anywhere. They’re easy to use and don’t need any additional equipment or tools besides the sticky surface itself, which is where ants will run into their demise.

The best place to put up ant glue traps would be in the kitchen and pantry since that’s a common area for ants.

Other places that you can place your glue ant traps are:

  • Underneath appliances and countertops where they’re most likely to run over them.
  • In dark corners of your cabinets, drawers, or shelves that ants may be hiding in.
  • Near doorways leading into the rooms, you frequently use such as the kitchen or bathroom since that’s a common entryway for ants looking for food.

Where to Purchase Glue Traps?

You can purchase some glue traps at your local hardware store. They come in packs depending on what you want to buy and how much money you’re looking to spend.

If you have a lot of ants, it’s best to just go with the biggest pack available so that they don’t all escape before you get them out of your home.

When purchasing ant traps, look for ones made by reputable brands who make great products. These are easy to use and will work wonders when catching any type of ant inside your house. Plus, they are cheap too, which is always a plus!

Wrapping It Up

This blog post has provided you with the information that you need to know about ant glue traps. If this topic interests you even more after reading through everything we’ve shared here, be sure to explore our other content in order to learn more about what else there is out there when it comes to dealing with ants.

We hope that this article helped answer any questions that were weighing on your mind related to these tiny pests.

In addition, if you’d like a little bit of help from one of our experts who can provide personalized solutions tailored specifically for your situation, please reach out anytime by emailing or calling us!