Picture throwing a rocking bash at your place, with all your favorite folks around, jamming out and sharing laughs. Suddenly, in the midst of the fun, someone shrieks because they’ve found a tiny cockroach in their food. Talk about a mood killer, right? To dodge such a face-palm moment, why not give our Subang Jaya pest control team a shout for routine check-ups at your pad? Creepy crawlies might be playing hide-and-seek without you knowing, so getting ahead of the game is a smart move.

However, among the things you can do to lessen pest problems is making sure you’re not doing anything that can attract them. To give you a better insight, we have listed below the 5 ways your house is inviting pests to enter, so check them out!

Pests Love Garbage 

If you have a habit of not regularly throwing out your garbage, it’s finally time to change your ways! Pests such as cockroaches, mice and ants like to scavenge through trash to search for food, and if you happen to have a bin that’s full of leftovers constantly lying around, you can expect little creatures invading your home in Subang Jaya and causing a lot of trouble. Furthermore, flies are also attracted to garbage, and you surely wouldn’t want to bring them in since these insects carry various germs that can make you really sick.

With this in mind, it’s good to have a regular schedule that reminds you to throw out your garbage and keep a trash bin with a lid so insects and other critters won’t access it easily.

Cockroaches Are Attracted to Dirty Dishes 

No one likes doing the dishes, especially when you’ve got a whole pile of them just sitting on your sink. However, cockroaches love dirty dishes and will invade your kitchen if you always happen to have some. Roaches are known to be scavengers, so if your dishes contain some leftover food, they’re going to jump on it like crazy!

To stop cockroaches from coming into your kitchen, always clean your dirty dishes before going to bed and don’t leave them out overnight. Also, you can set up a rule where everyone washes their own plate after eating, so it doesn’t pile up in the sink and attract pests!

Mice and other Pests Go Through Cracks 

Our home isn’t perfect, and it may have some cracks and gaps in some parts of your wall. When this is left untreated, pests can come inside your Subang Jaya home through these entry points and begin causing trouble. Tiny gaps and cracks around your house can provide mice and other pests a chance to get inside.

Mice enjoy a home with many entry points since it makes this easy for them to go in and out. To stop a mice infestation, make sure you seal off any entry points with a durable sealant.

Moisture Can Attract Critters 

If you have a leaking pipe, you need to get it fixed right away since this can lead to all sorts of pest infestations. Among the creatures seeking water sources are rats and cockroaches, so they’re easily attracted to damp or wet areas. Furthermore, termites love to eat wood that has been affected by moisture, so it’s good you take action and seal that leak right away.

Pests Thrive in Dirty Homes 

A dirty home is among the things that can easily attract pests. Creatures such as mice love to stay in a house that’s full of clutter since they can easily find shade and shelter when they feel a threat is around. With this in mind, it’s good to set out a regular cleaning schedule to ensure all corners of your home are perfectly tidy and organized.


Pests are among the dreadful things that can come and sabotage your home. If you want to stop them in their tracks and avoid an infestation in the first place, take note of the information we’ve listed above since this can surely help you in getting rid of these pesky creatures!