Bed bugs are tiny, oval-shaped, flat parasites that solely feed on blood.

They’re not a health threat to humans but they can cause damage and discomfort to those who have them in their apartments, making bed bug removal a requirement.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways you can get rid of bed bugs and minimize the discomfort they cause.

In this article, we are going to share three tips for managing bed bugs in your apartment below!

Know The Signs of Bed Bugs

In order to successfully stop bed bugs is to first know what to look for. Bed bugs are difficult to spot, but they might leave signs of their presence behind if you know what those signs are.

Check out the list to see the signs of bed bugs:

  • Bed bugs often leave out a musty smell
  • Bed bugs will leave dark spots on your bedding and clothes. These can be visible if you inspect the fabric closely for a red or brown stain. The stains are actually from excrement that is left behind after feeding.
  • These bugs will also leave reddish stains on your sheets that are dried blood after feeding on you.
  • Bed bugs are nocturnal and they can be seen in the morning after waking up if they have been feeding during the night.

It’s vital to know the signs of bed bugs just in case you might be dealing with something else since they can’t easily be seen. Take note of these signs and you’ll be good to go!

Regularly Inspect Your Items to Control Bed Bugs 

One of the top tips to successfully manage bed bugs and stop them from spreading is by inspecting your items.

These bugs will hide in corners and seams of clothes, bedding, upholstery, and other fabrics that are close to the ground.

To inspect for these pests you’ll need a flashlight or powerful magnifying glass so you can get a good look at what could be causing those red stains on your clothing.

It’s also good to double-check your other furniture for any signs of these bugs or their eggs.

You can use an insecticide spray to kill these pests, but be sure not to use it on anything that is going directly into the washer so you don’t contaminate your clothing with harmful chemicals.

Doing this not only helps control them from spreading but also helps you from having to throw out your clothes.

Bed bugs are tough insects that can survive in many different environments, so it’s important that you’re constantly inspecting your home for signs of these pests and don’t let them get the best of you!

Do Not Move Furniture When Dealing With Bed Bug Infestation 

When a specific area of your apartment is contaminated with bed bugs, you mustn’t move any of the furniture in that area. Taking this precaution may help you avoid transporting their eggs or bugs to other parts of your apartment and spreading them even more quickly.

Bed bugs can be hiding in the furniture of your infested room, and transferring them will only make matters worse. Instead, it’s best to call up pest control professionals and work with them to remove the bed bugs.

Why Call a Professional Bed Bug Control Service Provider?

Bed bugs are a handful to deal with which is why professional help is always a good idea.

If you tackle the problem yourself, it could take hours or even days to get them under control in your apartment and any time spent on bed bug elimination is time that can’t be used for work or other responsibilities.

With an expert exterminator, you get to leave the job to them and your time can be spent on other things that are important.

In addition to working quickly and effectively, professionals also know the latest extermination techniques which means they’re able to do their job with minimal disruption to your apartment’s environment.


Bed bugs are a nuisance for any traveler. You can take steps to minimize their impact on your trip by doing more research before you go and taking preventative measures when you’re there.

We hope that the information in this post will help make traveling less of an ordeal for all involved, whether it be the person who is going or those they meet along the way.

As always, if you have any questions at all about bed bug prevention, feel free to contact us!