Homeowners definitely hope to never see termites creeping around their homes. These pesky bugs aren’t just bad for your health; they could attack your house’s bones and harm your furniture, sticking you with sky-high bills that might soar into the hundreds. With their talent for destruction, loads of folks in Klang end up calling in pro bug battlers, especially when the termite trouble blows up. Even though there are several ways to tackle them, nothing beats the smarts and methods of these seasoned fighters.

Sadly, many false claims have arisen regarding home remedies for termites. Method’s that were introduced by the internet can give false hope to the viewers. Thus, we have created this guide to raise awareness of these treatments that don’t work. Check out below to know more! 

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Diesel For Termite Control

Many people have suggested that pouring diesel and lighting it on fire where you suspect termites are can entirely eliminate them. But don’t be fooled! Before you go and run a whole lot of gas on your property, you need to know that this treatment doesn’t directly work. 

Indeed, homeowners have tried setting a tree near their yard on fire, believing that it will effectively kill all termites. Although it may affect some, it still almost burned their house down without entirely eliminating all the pests. Diesel and fire won’t have any effect on the thousands or more termites beneath the ground that you’ve missed.

Baking Soda For Termite Control

You’ve probably seen countless articles about baking soda being an effective way to kill termites, but that isn’t the case with all honesty. Although termites are tiny, they have a sheet of covering around their body that protects them from any sort of synthetic products, which is why they don’t curl up and die when poured in some baking soda. The only thing that can genuinely affect termites is the professionals’ solutions since these have special chemicals found in them. 

Blue-Light UV Rays For Termite Control 

If you’re planning to purchase the famous blue-light UV ray to deal with your termite problem, then save yourself the hassle and don’t push through with the decision. Using this device to repel or eradicate termite is as useless as using baking soda and diesel. Research and experiments have been conducted to check the device’s performance against termites, and the result has disappointed many. Not only was it a failure in killing termites, but it was purely useless in even repelling them. These pesky little rascals just ended up liking the heat from the UV rays. 

Vinegar and Water Spray For Termite Control

Among the most common myths of repelling Termites is using vinegar and water to eradicate them. Although vinegar is an acidic substance, it doesn’t do a lot when it comes to killing termites. However, it does help slow down their movement, so it’s a good choice if you’re waiting for your pest control service provider to arrive. 

DIY Termite Products From Hardware Store 

Homeowners in Klang usually spend a whole amount of money on DIY products to eliminate termites, and even if these products claim they’re practical, you’re just wasting your time and money when you decide to go for them. Bifenthrin, Deltamethrin, and Permethrin are the most popular products, which are all specialized to kill these pesky creatures. Now, some of these products can kill a few termites on contact, but that’s as far as their power goes. It’s still not going to help you with the thousands that you’ve missed.


We understand how annoying it can be to deal with termites, but that shouldn’t be why you go for methods that aren’t tested and proven by the experts. You certainly wouldn’t want to end up doing more harm than good!