Are ants invading your home? If that’s the case, it’s essential to get in touch with an ant control service. However, what steps should you take prior to their arrival? Continue reading for some practical advice on getting ready for when the ant control service comes to your house.

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Vacuum Thoroughly

The first thing you should do before the ant control service arrives is to vacuum your floors and kitchen cabinets. Ants love crumbs, pet food, and trash left out in the open where they can easily find it.

By vacuuming up all of these elements from your house’s flooring and surfaces, you will remove a lot of their incentive for staying there any longer.

Wipe Down Counters

wipe down counter

It would be best if you also wiped down your kitchen counters with a disinfectant or household cleaner.

Since ants are attracted to sweet and greasy foods, it’s important for you to remove any spilled food particles from the countertops before their arrival so they won’t be tempted to revisit once they’re gone.

Sweep Your Floors

In addition to vacuuming and wiping down, it’s also a good idea to sweep your floors.

Ants have been known to track ant toxins back into areas where they originally found them if the toxins are still present on the flooring for too long.

Store Your Food in Sealed Containers

Make sure that you store all of your food in sealed containers before the ant control service arrives.

Ants are very good at finding snacks, especially ones that are out in open view or easily accessible by crawling under a door or through an open window screen.

By storing all of your food items away from the reach of ants until their work is complete, you can ensure complete safety for everyone involved in this process, including yourself!

Wash Dishes

wash dishes

Before the ant control service arrives, you should also wash all of your dishes.

This is especially important if you’ve recently eaten (and left crumbs) on any plates or appliances in the kitchen.

Ants are attracted to anything sweet and yet very effective in making sure that their job gets done right when greasy, so it’s best for everyone involved that these items be cleaned before their arrival at your home.

Empty Your Trash

It would help if you emptied your trash cans the day before these professionals arrived.

Ants are attracted to anything that smells bad, so it’s important for their work and health overall that you take out all of the stinky items from inside your home by removing them from sight until after they have completed their job at hand!

Ask Questions and Special Requests Ahead of Time

Don’t be shy about asking questions and making special requests before the ant control service arrives.

During your initial phone call to schedule an appointment with one of these professionals, it’s a good idea to ask what kinds of poisons they use and how much is needed in order for them to do their job effectively without being harmful towards anyone or anything inside your home including pets!

You should also inquire if there are any other steps you should take upon their arrival, such as closing off all entrances into your home that can easily be accessed by crawling through tiny cracks or gaps underneath doors.

By taking care of everything ahead of time, you will ensure complete safety during this process so everyone involved can focus on getting rid of the ants rather than worrying about their well-being or anything else for that matter!

Keep Your Children and Pets Away

Make sure that your children and pets stay away from the process.

Ants are very small, so it’s best to be cautious about anything they may encounter during their time at work in your home.

This is especially important if you have a crawling infant who could easily grab hold of one of these insects without even realizing what she was doing!

By keeping them out of harm’s way, you can avoid any unnecessary accidents or injuries as well as keep yourself calm throughout this entire process because there won’t be anyone else around to worry about either.

The New Understanding

So, now you know the ins and outs of what to do when pest control arrives. You are now prepared for any ant problems that may arise in your home or business.

If you have more questions in mind, please call us today.