Ants are annoying tiny creatures that appear seemingly from thin air. They’re drawn by the food in your kitchen and pose a risk due to the variety of bacteria they transport. However, you don’t have to tolerate living with ants! Below are six measures you can implement to ensure your home remains ant-free every day.

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Identify Where They Usually Infest

There are a number of places that ants can typically be found, including your countertops and kitchen cabinets. If you see some activity in these areas it’s time to start looking for the source of the problem.

Make sure to check any cracks or crevices around pipes and furniture as well because this is where they will build their nests if no other food sources exist.

By identifying the cause of their infestation, you’ll have a much easier time getting rid of them.

Eliminate Food Sources

Ants are looking for food, and unfortunately, you’ve been leaving it out in the open. You should clean up any crumbs immediately after meals to make sure none of them gets left behind where they could be found by ants.

Also, avoid having unwashed dishes because the food residue that’s left behind will be a big draw for ants. If possible, wash your dishes immediately after eating.

Clean up any spills as quickly as possible, and don’t leave wet towels lying around because the moisture will attract them too!

If you have a pet that leaves some kibble lying around your home will also become an ant hot spot because these little critters love animal protein almost as much as humans do!

Keep all pet dishes picked up throughout your home to prevent this type of infestation from happening. As long as you keep your home free of their favorite foods they won’t be able to survive in it.

Get Rid of Water Sources

Ants need to drink too, and they will be drawn to any standing water. Fix leaky faucets or pipes immediately because even one drop can make your home very appealing for their nesting habits!

Make sure you also check the bottom of vases in case some water has collected there due to condensation on the glass. If it does, dump out the liquid right away so that ants don’t find it attractive like they would with a puddle on your countertop or floorboards.

Get rid of any sources of standing water that may exist in your house; this is something else that could lead them into building nests inside instead of outside where people are more likely to notice them before an infestation gets out of control.

Don’t Leave Pet Food Unsealed

seal pet food

If you have a pet that eats outside of their bowl, make sure you put the food back in it after they are finished, or else ants will come looking for some! Even if your cat eats canned food and doesn’t leave any behind this is still an ant-magnet because water can collect on top of the lid.

When enough moisture builds up, it can seep onto other cans nearby which makes them all prime candidates to be carried off by passing ants who think there’s more tasty kibble inside.

Keep all unsealed containers tightly sealed so no puddles form anywhere near where these insects tend to travel through your home.

Seal off Entry Points

Ants look for ways to get into your home, and they’ll do what it takes to find any cracks or crevices before you realize there’s a problem.

Make sure that all of these areas are sealed off including around pipes that go through the exterior of your house as well as doorways where ants can slip inside without anyone noticing until it’s too late!

If you’re having trouble finding some places, use an old toothbrush dipped in soapy water on small spaces like electrical outlets. This will help identify any potential entry points so you know exactly which ones need sealing first.

Call a Professional

If you’ve attempted to get rid of the ants on your own but they just keep coming back, it’s time that you called in an exterminator.

An experienced professional ant exterminator will know exactly where their nests are located and will be able to provide advice about how best to eliminate them for good!

Ants can be very difficult creatures to banish from home because not only do they travel through hidden tunnels below ground, but also inside walls which makes getting rid of them without damaging anything extremely complicated.

Don’t try dealing with this problem alone unless you want to risk further infestation or serious damage done by these little pests who may end up chewing right into wiring or other sensitive materials while looking another way into the building.


With these tips, you can get on the road to ant-free living. We hope this blog post has been helpful in getting your home free of ants! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!