When we say “hitchhikers,” forget about folks thumbing a ride by the curb. We’re diving into the realm of sneaky bugs that quietly hitch a ride on your stuff. These critters are pros at sneaking into places with people who don’t even know they’re bringing along tiny invaders, making a beeline for your home or shop. Even if Fido isn’t around, keeping your place spick-and-span, storing grub tightly, and having a trusty pest buster from Petaling Jaya. check things out now and then is key. Why? Because these sly insects need just a tiny crack to party in your pad. So, if keeping your peace of mind from these uninvited guests sounds good, stick around. You’ll see why a visit from a top-notch pest defender is your best move.

Pests will seize any opportunity to attach themselves to you or your belongings. Once these rascals have infested your home in Petaling Jaya, they can cause significant property damage as well as jeopardize your and your loved ones’ health. Worried that you’ll bring back some unwanted souvenirs from your trip? Here are four common pests that you must undoubtedly be aware of!

Pest 1: Fleas


It’s a common mistake to assume that fleas won’t get attracted to things other than pets, but you’d surely be surprised to know that this isn’t always the case. Of course, if you happen to own a dog, the bigger chances they are to get attracted to it. However, you should be aware that they are attracted to any warm-blooded host, including humans. Fleas can latch themselves to garments, shoes, and bags in the same way that bedbugs can. These tiny creatures can also pose a health risk to people and pets and transmit tapeworms and cause infection in pets. It’s always a great idea to call a skilled exterminator if you suspect you’ve picked up some fleas. Unwelcomed hitchhikers are thrown under the bus by pest control experts who know how to identify and remove these parasites.

Pest 2: Bed Bugs

bed bugs

Are you suddenly having trouble sleeping at night? Is your back constantly itching? If you answered yes, then you’ve probably brought home some bed bugs! These pests are seasonal hitchhikers and can sneak up into your bags or latch onto just about anything. If you happened to purchase a piece of used furniture such as a mattress, sofa, and couch, the bigger your chances of bringing bed bugs in. These pests can survive without food over several months. And, believe it or not, it only takes a single bed bug to generate thousands of offspring, resulting in an infestation that quickly takes over living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and office buildings.

Pest 3: Cockroaches


No one ever likes roaches; not only are they filthy, but they can bring about many diseases that can make your family sick. Cockroaches are among nature’s most resilient creatures. They know how to infiltrate properties and mass-produce right in front of our eyes. These cunning scavengers are drawn to food and can enter your Petaling Jaya home through a variety of means, including luggage, backpacks, packages, and used furniture. These pests can quickly squeeze into tight entry points, finding shelter in a variety of places, including inside drawers, cabinets, and storage boxes. Furthermore, roaches leave off trails of droppings that may go into your food and cause contamination.

Pest 4: Ants


There’s nothing in this world that’s more dreading than having an ant infestation happening right below your nose. Because ants are attracted to the smell of food, properly sealing all of your food products before entering your premises is a good idea. If these pesky creatures get into your home or office in Petaling Jaya, they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. Even a singular ant skittering around your kitchen could indicate that a colony has established itself somewhere in your house.


In the case of pests, prevention is always preferable to cure. To ensure that no unwanted visitors hitchhike, you must be cautious and aware of your belongings before returning them to your Petaling Jaya home. If you’ve brought a pest inside, call an exterminator right away to prevent the problem from getting worse!