Imagine sliding into your cozy bed, tired from a long day, eager for some dream time. Just as you’re about to sail into sleep, a crazy itch attacks your back. You check it out and, oh no, bed bug bites are everywhere. Isn’t that just the worst? Bed bugs are a nightmare for anyone trying to get rid of them. These little critters are super tough to beat and can turn your peaceful home into a chaotic mess.

Although it’s common for house owners to make mistakes before the professionals arrive, doing so can worsen your situation even more. Luckily we have here a complete guide to help you avoid committing such errors, so read on!

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Don’t Forget Bed Bugs Can Live Everywhere 

Among the most common mistakes everyone does is that they assume bed bugs only live in mattresses considering their name implies such. However, that isn’t always the case. Although these pesky little creatures can stay in your bed, too, there are other places they can infest. They love staying in many types of furniture and small, dark spaces around the house.

As long as they’re close to a food source, they can pretty much thrive anywhere. Among these places are:

  • Near electric outlets
  • Bedside drawers
  • Behind your picture frames
  • Inside your cabinets

Don’t Panic When Dealing With Bed Bugs 

We understand that blood-sucking creatures are frightening no matter what kind of pest they may be. However, keep a clear and calm mind. Doing so will help you make a well-thought attack plan without going into a reactionary mode that might cause you more harm than good.

Keep focused on eradicating the bed bugs first. You can go on with your freak-out moment once you confirm that it’s a situation that cannot be helped. Concentrating on your task at hand in a collected, calm manner will help you avoid any of the mistakes mentioned here in this article!

Don’t Be Reckless With Your Vacuum Cleaner Bag For Bed Bug Control

Among the most common ways, you can get rid of bed bugs, and any egg that may be present but cannot be seen is using your vacuum cleaner on your bed and any areas where you suspect these creatures. Your aim should be to suck up all the lurking bed bugs, their offspring, and any litter that may have been left behind.

But, the mistake you should never make is forgetting to dispose of the vacuum bag entirely. Although vacuuming helps, it doesn’t kill bed bugs, so those you’ve captured may just make their way back to your bed again if you don’t correctly throw out your vacuum bag.

Don’t Sleep in a Different Area (You Might Spread The Infestation) 

The first thing many people do when they find bed bugs in their room is to move to another area in the house. However, you shouldn’t do this! Don’t ever move your sleeping quarters in any area of your home.

We understand that you want to get a restful sleep without these pesky creatures keeping you up at night. However, bed bugs are impressively resilient, and they’re fast travelers, too. As a result, if you move to one place, they could latch onto your clothes without you noticing, and you’ll end up spreading the infection all throughout your home.

Remember to Read All Pesticide Labels

Toxic chemicals are found in many pesticides. After all, the only way to get rid of bed bugs is to use strong chemicals.If you’re looking for a pesticide to kill bed bugs, make sure it’s safe to utilize in your residence. If this is the case, the label will state so. However, it’s still a good idea to keep them away from other people and pets.

Furthermore, some pesticides are only intended for use outdoors. Using pesticides from the outdoors in a closed space can make you, your loved ones, and your pets very sick which is why reading the label and researching about the ingredients is a good idea to ensure everyone’s safety.

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Bed bugs are indeed a pain for any homeowner in Malaysia out there but knowing which mistakes should be avoided takes a whole lot of weight off your shoulders. If you ever find yourself facing these pesky rascals, then be sure to recheck this guide; it’ll undoubtedly help!