Ants turn into a huge nuisance for folks in Kuala Lumpur, messing up the peace you’d typically enjoy at home.

It’s critical to take steps to prevent ants from entering your home or nestling their way into any corner they can find.

But how do you know where they’re coming from? What are the best ant prevention methods? What should you look for when it comes time to clean up an infestation?

This article will answer all these questions and more, providing Kuala Lumpur’s Ultimate Anti-Ant Checklist so that you can keep ants out of your life!

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Always Clean Dirty Dishes to Stop Ants

We understand how tiring it is to clean the dishes. We’re all even guilty of using the “I’ll do it later” excuse to stop ourselves from washing the dishes.

However, this is a habit that you need to remove if you want to efficiently prevent ants from coming into your home.

Surprising as it may seem, ants can smell food from miles away thanks to their sensitive antennae.

When you leave dirty dishes in the sink, ants find them with ease and can easily make a home of your kitchen if they are given enough time to do so!

If you don’t want to wake up to a sink that’s swarming with ants, you better act fast and make sure you do the dishes right away!

When things feel a bit heavy for you to do, you can just implement a rule that states each person should clean their own dish.

In this way, you’ll be able to keep an ant-free home without having to sacrifice all your time and energy!

Prevent Ants By Proper Food Storing

It’s not a secret to know that ants are crazy about food. Regardless of what dish you might be having, these little creatures are always ready to pounce and devour it ’til their heart’s content.

If you’ve got a bowl of cookies just lying around your kitchen table, you can expect ants to come running in soon!

But, luckily for you, there are a few tricks that can help keep ants away from your food.

One of these is by storing all the different types of foods separately and neatly in containers so they’re not tangled up together.

This way, each type will have less chance of being eaten than if it was just placed on your counter with all the other food.

Another good way to store your food is by using an airtight container. This will ensure that ants can’t get in and indiscriminately eat whatever’s inside it!

Lastly, you should also clean up any spills around your kitchen as soon as possible because a smelly mess will attract ants through the sense

Seal Cracks to Your Home to Prevent Ants

Ants are tiny. They have delicate bodies that can fit into any crack that is the size of a dime. That means they can get in through tiny cracks, even those you may not have noticed before!

But what do ants want? They generally just go for whatever food and water sources are available to them. So if there’s no food or water inside your home (or outside), then it won’t be a huge problem.

However, if you’ve got food and water lying around, you can bet that these pests will come knocking through your door.

If you want to stop them in their feet, you need to ensure that all possible cracks and entry points are sealed.

Never Leave Leftover Food Out For Ants

We have all been there: watching our favorite TV show and accidentally leaving that box of pizza just lying around. What could go wrong?

Ants love to feast on food, so if you have a meal and leave the leftovers out for them, they will be coming back with reinforcements.

It might sound like a pain in the butt when it happens once or twice but even one ant is enough to make your home miserable. In order to keep your home ant-free, be sure you always clean up after yourself.


The list of the best ways to keep ants out of your home is endless, but these few tips should get you started.

You may be wondering why so many people in Kuala Lumpur are dealing with this issue and how they can prevent it from happening themselves.

There’s no single reason for the rise in ant invasions – a combination of factors have caused their population numbers to skyrocket.

Now that we’ve given you our top 5 list, what will YOU do?

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