Have termites invaded your office? If so, you are not alone. Termites in an office can be very troublesome because they eat away at the wood and other materials of the building’s interior which causes structural damage that is expensive to repair. Furthermore, these creatures also trigger a variety of health problems for people who work in offices where there is termite infestation and contamination from fecal matter and droppings as well as mold or fungus growing on wet surfaces. With this in mind, our pest control specialist from Subang Jaya suggests that you take steps to ensure your building is safe from termites.

Termites are a difficult pest to deal with luckily, This blog post will teach you some tips on how to spot termite damage in an office and how you can prevent them from invading your place of business!

The Signs of Termite Infestation In Your Office 

You might think your place of work is safe from these creatures but in reality, it isn’t! As long as you’ve got wooden materials in your office or as part of your building’s integral structure, you’re as susceptible to termite infestation as other establishments are. Here are the top signs you must look out for to determine if you’ve got a termite infestation taking place:

Termite Dust Droppings 

If you happen to notice some dust near a piece of wooden furniture or a part of a wall in your office, there’s a high chance that termites might be invading that area. Termites love to chew off on wood and as they do, they can leave droppings that resemble sawdust. These droppings are considered to be their “left-over” and they usually leave a great amount of it.

Other than dust, termites leave out tiny black droppings too which is often considered by many as their excretion. When you start seeing these in cabinets, surfaces of tables, or corners in your office, perhaps you should consider calling in an exterminator for an inspection.

Termite Mud Tubes 

Termites are not just annoying pests that destroy wood – they can cause serious damage to an entire structure and be quite expensive in repairs. One of the telltale signs that termites have infested an office is mud tubes. These are small, thin tubes that termites use to travel from their nest to a food source like a timber beam in your ceiling. Mud tubes are usually made out of soil and termite excretion and are often made by pesky creatures to protect them from threats or harsh environments.

When you see these little brown or black and white lines on the floor near furniture, it’s time to call for professional pest control services.

Wall Paints are Peeling off Due To Termites 

Office walls are a large part of the décor in your office. They also serve as an important function: they provide privacy between coworkers and can be used for decoration with pictures, banners, or other items that represent your company’s culture. Termites peeling off the paint on your office wall is bad news. If the paint on your walls is flaking or peeling, and you see bubbles growing, termites are probably already eating away at your walls.

How To Stop Termites From Invading Your Office 

Termites can be a huge problem for any office. They cause structural damages and can lead to costly repairs, which is why it’s important to know how to stop them before they enter your building. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use when trying to protect against termite infestation.

  • Seal off entry points that may encourage termites to come inside your building. Termites are pretty small, so they can easily fit into the tiniest gaps. Utilize a durable sealant to cover any gaps, holes, or cracks that are present in your walls.
  • Schedule a regular inspection to ensure your building is free from termites. Although you may not see signs of the present, they might be hiding off in the deepest parts of your office which only professional exterminators can detect.
  • Trim tree branches that touch your office’s roof since this can be used by termites as a bridge to get through your office. Make sure to tree branches reach your roof to guarantee a pest-free workspace!

To Wrap It Up

Make sure that you have termite inspection and protection services in place before your business experiences a disaster. We want to help protect your office, so we’ve put together these top tips and information for protecting against termites.