Bed bugs and ticks have become increasingly troublesome pests, capable of turning your existence into something dreadful. In recent times, incidents involving these bugs have surged, yet there’s a widespread misunderstanding regarding their actual appearance.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to tell the difference between bed bugs and ticks, so you don’t get them mixed up!

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Bed Bugs and Ticks Don’t Look The Same

bed bugs and ticks

Bed bugs and ticks look a little different, both physically and behaviorally. The easiest way to differentiate between them is by their size. Bed bug adults can grow as big around as an apple seed at full maturity, while ticks can be as big as a grape.

Another key factor in telling the difference between these two pests is looking at their overall appearance. It’s important for you to identify what type of insect it might be, so you know how to treat it and protect yourself against infestation.

Ticks Love to Stay Outdoors While Bed Bugs Don’t

Ticks can often be found outside in tall grass, in trees and shrubs. These insects have a lot of different hosts they feed on, including dogs and cats! Ticks are not known to infest homes or buildings like bed bugs do.

They tend to stay outside where it’s nice and dry because they need high humidity levels for survival. Bedbugs love warm, humid environments with dark hiding spots such as inside your mattress box spring.

Disease Can Be Spread By Ticks

tick disease

Ticks are infamous for spreading Lyme disease and other infectious diseases. These pests can pick up bacteria, viruses or parasites from their hosts such as deer, dogs, cats and humans! Ticks feed on blood to survive, so don’t let them bite you because it’s not just an annoying itch that will go away.

It could be something much worse! Bed bugs do not spread any type of disease as ticks do, but they are known to cause itching bites that leave behind nasty sores, which is why everyone should know how to identify these insects before calling a pest control professional.

Bed Bugs Love to Feed on Humans While Ticks Like Animals

Bed bugs are bloodsuckers, and they have to feed on their hosts to survive. This means that bedbugs live off of human blood, while ticks prefer the blood of other animals like dogs or cats.

If you find a tick embedded into your skin, just remember it will not be able to continue feeding because its mouth is too wide for most people’s skin! You may feel some itching at the site where it was attached, but don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you’ve been infected with Lyme disease or any type of virus.

Ticks Bite Off Once While Bed Bugs Bite Repeatedly

You’ll often find that ticks latch on once to your skin and then remain in one place. They’re not known for moving around as much as bed bugs do, which is why you can assume they are just a tick unless it has been embedded deep into the skin. Bedbugs, however, will bite repeatedly and suck out blood until their bellies are full! The bites from these insects may look similar at first, but upon closer inspection, you might notice multiple red welts all over your body because of how many times the insect fed off you.

Ticks Are Bigger Than Bed Bugs

tick size

You can tell the difference between bed bugs and ticks by looking at them in both size and appearance. Ticks are bigger than most people realize, so make sure to look closely if you think you have one inside your home Bedbugs, on the other hand, tend to be a little smaller, but they will still feed off of human blood until they’re completely full.

You should also keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “good” tick or any type of tick that doesn’t carry harmful diseases because every species has the potential to spread Lyme disease! It’s important for everyone living in areas where these pests exist to know how to protect themselves from having an infestation, whether it’s with bed bug spray or natural tick repellents.

The New Understanding

If you find yourself scratching without knowing why it may be time to consult a pest control professional. Bed bugs and ticks are two very different pests that can have similar reactions in the human body.

The difference is often not noticeable until symptoms worsen or become more severe. Contact us today for your free quote on how we can help rid your property of these pesky critters!