As a homeowner in Malaysia, you’re probably aware that dealing with termite problems can be quite expensive.

When your house has been invaded by these pests, it is obvious that there will need to be some repairs.

When the damage is not too bad, then most people will want to try and sell their home as quickly as possible before word spreads about their problem.

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This article is going to teach you how to sell your home after a termite disaster so that you don’t have any problems with doing this process!

Make Sure All Termites Have Been Removed 

If you want to sell your home, make sure that all of the termites have been removed.

This is important because if people know about how much damage they caused, then it will be difficult for them to buy a house from you!

When getting rid of these pests completely and efficiently, there are many ways that can be done.

Here are a few tips given by the experts:

  • Start by choosing a robust termite treatment or make your own with some vinegar and baking soda and place it in areas you suspect termites to be.
  • Remove any deadwood and rotting wood that can be found in your backyard.
  • Use water to clean up any food debris or spilled beverages so you won’t attract more insects and termites.
  • If the damage is too extensive, then it would probably best for you to get an estimate of how much repairing work needs to be done before getting back into the market!

The most important thing when selling a house after a termite disaster is making sure all pests are gone from their hiding places! If they’re not removed completely, they could come back and cause even more damage.

Re-Inspect Your Home For Termites 

Once you’ve taken measures to remove termites from your property, it’s time to re-inspect your home for any more of these pests.

It’s important to do this because there may be some that you missed, and they could cause problems in the future if left unchecked!

If a termite infestation is detected after all other measures have been taken, then it would probably best for you to get an estimate on how much professional pest control would cost in order to get your home back up the market.

You can’t simply sell a house that has a major infestation of termites because there will be many people who won’t want to buy it.

Apply Preventive Means to Avoid Future Infestations 

Another thing you must never forget when selling your home is to take preventive measures.

Some of these are:

  • Getting your yard inspected and treated by an expert to detect any pests that could be living in the soil or plant life around your home
  • Keeping wood out of direct contact with the ground so no bugs can get inside it and lay eggs as well as storing firewood away from the building!
  • It is also important to keep trees trimmed back at least six feet in all directions around homes, because they may have hidden insects on them.

By doing these simple preventive measures, you can protect your house from a future infestation that might ruin a good deal!

Obtain a Warranty From Pest Control 

If you are going to be selling your home, then it’s important that you get a warranty from any pest control services.

A warranty will protect the seller and provide peace of mind for potential buyers!

These warranties can come in many different forms and they usually last one year or longer; some may even cover termite treatments if there is ever an infestation again.

This will also expedite the chances of selling your house because there will be a guarantee for the buyer that your property is termite-free!


In this post, we’ve covered some of the most important considerations when it comes to selling your home after a termite disaster.

You should always be prepared for what you might encounter as a homeowner if you find yourself in need of professional help with pest control.