You might not believe it, but those sneaky termites chomp through properties, causing a whopping RM40 million in damages every year! If you live in Melaka and dread the thought of these tiny troublemakers turning your house into an all-you-can-eat buffet, I’ve got just the solution. The absolute best shot you have at keeping your digs termite-free is to call in the big guns: a top-notch pest control squad in Melaka. These experts come battle-ready, with all the know-how, gear, and secret moves needed to kick termites to the curb before you can say “bug off.” Trust me, you’ll learn a bunch and save your sanctuary from becoming termite territory. Stick around if keeping your place in tip-top shape sounds like a plan.

The professionals will usually give you some aftercare tips to ensure no termites would come back or tips if there’s an existing termite colony in your home. Luckily, we have gathered all this needed information and listed them below, so you can practice these helpful habits while waiting for an exterminator!

Tip 1: Stop Termites By Getting Rid of Moisture 

Termites, particularly Subterranean, construct their colonies on the earth. In order to find a water source that will help them survive, they are typically drawn to moisture. Water that’s near or in your home creates a perfect habitat for termites to breed. Leaky pipes, as well as other plumbing problems, can also attract these worm-like creatures. Termites will also be attracted to unclean water if it is present all the time.

Therefore, you need to do everything that you can to stop moisture from being present in your area. If you’re experiencing some leaky pipes or plumbing issues, call in s professional right away. When there is unclean water around your home, especially near trees, dispose of them. Giving termites a source of water can negatively affect you.

Tip 2: Fill in Cracks and Gaps to Stop Termites 

Termites can take advantage of any crack in the exterior of your house during their quest for food and water. Also, gaps and cracks in your foundation’s concrete provide these creatures with opportunities to collect the things they need to establish their mud tubes (the tunnels where they move when foraging)

If you want to stop another wave of termites from coming into your home or those currently infesting termites, then it’s best that you take out the most robust sealant and cover up those cracks and gaps to cut their access to your home.

Tip 3: Take Out Any Termite Infested Wooden Furniture 

Termites such as dry wood love to feed on wooden furniture, whether it’s a table, cabinet, or desk. If you’re currently experiencing a termite infestation, you may take the infested furniture out and let it stay right under the sun for a few days. Doing so will help you avoid the chances of them destroying your entire home and infecting more of your furniture. This will also kill them because termites succumb to heat.

Always do a thorough inspection of all your wooden furniture. Check their sides, bottom, and top parts. Be aware of termite droppings and excretions too.

Tip 4: Avoid Clutters In Termite Infested Home in Melaka

If you’re already experiencing a termite infestation, you’re going to make things worse if you don’t take the time to declutter your Melaka home. Pay close attention to old magazines, cardboard, newspapers, and other paper materials since these things provide an ideal setting for pests like termites. Termites don’t just eat wood but basically anything that’s made of it.

If mites have attacked an area of your home, never take out any of the stuff inside it, including furniture and other items stored in that specific room. Don’t transfer them to other parts of your house that aren’t affected by the termites because this can lead to a spreading of the infestation.


Termites are hard to deal with, but that doesn’t mean you can conduct preventive measures to protect your Melaka home from these pests. The next time you suspect you’re having a mite infestation, be sure you follow these given tips!