Are you scared of bed bugs?

If so, then this article is for you! We are going to discuss the prevention and treatment methods given by trained technicians for bed bug control that will help keep these pests away from your home.

Bed bugs are small parasites that feed on human blood. They can be found in hotel rooms, movie theaters, airplanes- pretty much anywhere you go where people sleep.

Luckily there are ways to avoid these pesky creatures when travelling so read on!

Double-Check Your Items Before Packing to Avoid Bed Bugs 

When you finally finish your stay in your hotel room, it is vital to take care and double-check your belongings before packing up for the morning. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to see so they can hide in almost anything.

There’s a good chance that you might find one or two living inside your suitcase! Be sure not to pack away any clothes without inspecting them first as bed bugs will secretly hop in and hide within the folds to wait for you to return home.

Check your bedding and linens before putting them in the suitcase as well, because just like clothes they are a prime hiding spot for these pests.

Take care not to pack away any dirty laundry that may have been infested with bed bugs within it! If one does get on your clothing, it’s going to be quite difficult to remove.

When you return home, inspect your luggage again to make sure that no bed bugs have crawled on while traveling

It’s also important not to bring any furniture back with you if it has been infested by these pests. Bedbugs can travel easily from one place to another and the longer they persist in a building, the harder it gets to stop them from spreading.

Stop Bed Bugs By Avoiding Placing Luggage in a Bed

One mistake we travelers do is to place our luggage in the bed. This is one of the easiest ways for a bed bug to get onto your belongings and then, from there, into your home or hotel room

Stay away from this temptation by placing your suitcase on another surface like an ottoman when you arrive at night. Make sure it’s not touching any furniture and that it is properly stored far from the walls

Don’t forget to inspect your suitcase before you pack it for the trip. This will allow you to get rid of anything that may have been infested during your travels

If you’re worried about bed bugs going into your luggage then the safest thing to do is to place it inside a garment bag. This way, they will not get inside the zipper

Properly Inspect Your Hotel Room to Stop Bed Bugs 

To ensure you don’t bring bed bugs with you in the first place, be sure to inspect the hotel room for evidence of their presence.

Check baseboards, night stands and even electrical outlets. Once you’re satisfied that your room is bed bug-free, place a piece of tape on the cupboard door to mark it as inspected.

If this does not work, inform the management about your concern and request a room change if possible.

Treat Your Clothes and Items When You Get Back to Prevent Bed Bugs 

After your long vacation, it’s good to treat your clothes and other items when you get back to effectively prevent bed bugs.

You may do this by washing your clothes using heat with a dryer for over 20 minutes at least.

You may also use an iron on the highest setting to treat your clothes and items.

If you have any bedding, it’s important that you wash them using hot water with bleach or other detergent that contains chlorine.

Be sure not to miss anything like shoes, jackets and belts to make sure their totally free from bed bugs!


Bed bugs are a nuisance for any traveler. You can take steps to minimize their impact on your trip by doing more research before you go and taking preventative measures when you’re there.

We hope that the information in this post will help make traveling less of an ordeal for all involved, whether it be the person who is going or those they meet along the way.

As always, if you have any questions at all about bed bug prevention, feel free to contact us!