Battling pesky critters like mice, roaches, bedbugs, and termites feels like a nightmare. These unwelcome guests can trash your place and might even mess with your health and that of your family. But, just because you find a top-notch pest buster, don’t think you can just kick back and let them handle everything.

If you want to get rid of those bothersome insects effectively, Effective pest control requires collaboration between the professional pest control provider and the property owners, with both parties taking steps to get the pests out–and keeping them out for good.

Do you want to know what you can do to help out your exterminators? This article has created the best guide on how to properly prepare for your pest control appointment to ensure the best and effective results possible! So check out below to know more.

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Take Note of The Areas Where You Saw The Pests

The first thing you should do is make a detailed note of the areas where you saw the pest lurking. As a result, your exterminators will be able to quickly locate their hot spot because their coverage area will be limited. Cockroaches, for example, can spend the majority of their time hiding, making it difficult for the pest control service provider to spot them once they arrive.

When you’re dealing with an ant infestation, it’s critical to pay attention to where they’re coming from because that’s the quickest way for your specialist to pinpoint their colony.

Put All Your Food Items Away Before Pest Treatment 

Contamination inspection must be done on any food that has been left out on the counter. Remove the food products from your tables and store them safely if all appear to be pest-free. Small kitchen appliances and cooking tools should also be stored. If you need to keep food items outside the refrigerator or drawers for any reason, they must be completely sealed before and after the pest control treatment.

Doing so will save your exterminators the time of keeping them since they may apply chemicals that can be hazardous to your food.

Clean and Organize Your Area To Make it Easier For Exterminators 

When exterminators come to your place in Petaling Jaya, it will be pretty difficult for them to move around if you have a messy house. They may find reaching specific spots hard because toys, magazines, or other furniture pieces are in their way. In order to avoid such a thing from happening, it’s good that you take the time to clean and organize your area properly. Place unused items in a box or inside your cabinets, keep away toys and pick up any debris that is on the floor.

Be sure pathways are always clear and accessible, so you don’t risk anyone from tripping over. Not only will doing so make things easier for your service provider, but they can quickly spot pests that may be lurking under those items.

Scrub and Vacuum Your Floors to Remove Pests Eggs

To take away visible insects and eggs, all your floors and rugs must be cleaned appropriately. Use an excellent detergent and microfiber cloth on your hard and wooden floors to fully take out any eggs that may be latching onto it. When vacuuming your floor and carpets, remember to use your vacuum crevice connection to get into gaps. Take your used mops, clothes, and vacuum bag outside as soon as you’ve completed vacuuming and scrubbing. Once done, seal it all in a plastic baggie before throwing it in the bin.


In order to fully get the best out of your pest control treatment in Petaling Jaya, you need to do your part as well. Eradicating pests is a team effort, and if you follow the tips we’ve provided above, you’re sure to get a pest-free home in no time!