No one enjoys the sight of cockroaches, rats, or ants in their living spaces, but these pests are likely to invade if we neglect regular cleaning and fail to maintain hygienic practices. These pests are not just irritants; they can also threaten the health and well-being of your family. Bearing this in mind, our pest control experts in Kuala Lumpur strongly recommend enlisting professional help immediately should you believe pests are compromising your home.

Even if it seems like no pests are present, it’s better to still have an inspection once in a while to make sure no bug or insect is slowly establishing a colony within your house. To help you pest-proof your home and avoid infestations in the first place, check our guide below for some of the best tips!

Seal-Off Pest Entry Points 

One way to ensure that no pest can come inside your fortress is to inspect your home for any cracks, holes, and gaps in the walls, window frame, roof, and floors. Pest such as mice and even termites can easily squeeze in through those cracks without you noticing so it’s best that you seal up any entry points right away.

Furthermore, don’t just utilize any sealant that comes to your mind. Since rats might gnaw through, you need to select those sealants that have been proven to be effective and powerful in keeping pests out. Otherwise, your effort will be for naught. However, if you don’t have a sealant on hand you may use a pencil to enclose off any holes or gaps by which pests can possibly get through just until you’re able to head to the store.

Eliminate Pest Water-Source 

Just like you and animals in this world, pests need water to survive and if you happen to have an amazing birdbath in your garden, that can serve as a water source for many creatures regardless of how little it may be. Among those pests that often thrive in water are mosquitos since their eggs can go through months waiting for the smallest amount of water to grow and hatch.

If you don’t want to catch sickness and diseases such as Malaria, be careful where you place your birdbath and ensure you replace the water regularly.

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Regularly Clean Your Home to Stop Pest 

A dirty and cluttered home is a paradise for many pests. Creatures tend to remain in dirty, crowded environments because it increases their chances of survival since they can quickly hide wherever they want if they think a predator is nearby. So if you don’t regularly clean your home, you can be inviting creatures inside.

Be sure you sweep your floors, disinfect surfaces and organize all your things to stop an infestation from occurring. Also, throw out items and furniture that aren’t in need since this might become a breeding ground for critters.

Protect Your Trash Can From Pests

What seems to be trash for you can be food for many creatures. Pests particularly rats, flies, and cockroaches love to scavenge through trash cans to look for leftover food so if you have a garbage can be lying around with no covering, you might be encouraging these pesky little creatures to come inside your home.

If you don’t want to suddenly wake up to your Kuala Lumpur house that’s filled with pests running around, be sure that you cover your garbage to stop critters from accessing it, and remember to regularly throw out the garbage. Furthermore, be sure you wash and sanitize your garbage can once in a while to stop scent trails from reaching pests near your location.


To sum everything up, protecting your home from pests isn’t impossible with the help of a professional pest control company and the knowledge of the given tips above you are sure to get a pest-free home in no time.

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